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Love!!! They're all so pretty!


I prefer ring slings for the newborn and infant stage, but past 5 mos or so, they're too much. I then switch to the Ergo. If I don't have an Ergo, I'll use a Mei Tai (any brand or DIY works for me). I am wrap challenged, even though they're super cute!

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I always used a ring sling before, but my SIL had a Moby which I loved. I carried my nephew in it and felt like he was so secure! So I've been working on making my own wrap. I love having something to do to keep me busy when I'm thinking about baby instead of wandering around the baby stores. It's just one long piece of fabric, but I love the ones that have a decorative fabric panel on the front like this picture. The wrap I'm making is actually reversible with a different/coordinating fabric on the other side.blueblack.jpg

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Since I wasn't planning on more kids after DS was born I gave away all of my carriers :(


I need a new stretchy wrap for the newborn stage and a new Ergo for when babe can hold their head up.  Other than those I don't really need anything else this time.  (I had 7 different carriers for DD and DS lol)



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I love my baby carriers. <3  My favorites are a good ring sling, a supportive woven wrap, and MY ALL TIME TOP CARRIER, a wrap conversion mei tai (I loooooove my Ocah).  I can still wear my 35ish lbs son at 18w pregnant on my back in a toddler-sized Ocah.  This time around I'm hoping to get a WCRS for those newbie months.

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I'm a Moby and then a Beco mama. I have a few slings and pouches, but generally don't reach for them. 

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I love my moby and I had an ergo but am going with a boba this time.  Just because they are cuter and have the fold up newborn option. 

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I'm actually a little sad that I don't get to do more baby shopping this time around - I really have everything I need, and the minimalist in me doesn't want to buy more, more, more just for the sake of buying something!  I think I'll be stuck just getting a baby mobile and maybe a bassinet type of thing, otherwise I have everything for an infant.  I have two Moby's that are actually almost-new, got them for my last pregnancy off of CL, and then when that pregnancy didn't make it, I just stashed them.  One is cream and one is sage green, so good for a boy or a girl.


When they get a tad older I prefer the Mei Tai's, and I have two of those, one in the Babyhawk size and one in the ToddlerHawk.  I have fond memories of wearing both kids in those things, and wouldn't mind bringing them back out for a third run.  They're still in awesome shape, those things are indestructible!  When they're finally retired I plan on hanging them up on a wall or something like that, putting them on display, I think...


In the five years since I was in the market for baby carriers there have been a lot of new designs.  If I was starting out I wouldn't get a Moby, as they've come up with much easier-to-use designs.  But, since I have them, the elastic is still fine, and I don't really want triplicates of everything, I'll use them regardless.  Hopefuly I still have the muscle memory to tie them nicely.  Although the newer designs sometimes have shorter tails, which would be a godsend when re-tying in public, especially in the early snowy, slushy winter months.

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I liked my Moby for the newborn phase, and my mei tai for a little later! I got an Ergo when DD was about 11 months and I love it for back carries, and I just got A ring sling recently. 28 pound DD is helping me break it in for new baby smile.gif I love baby wearing, I can't imagine using a ginormous stroller everywhere. We have a jogging stroller that we use occassionally, and I thought it would be nice to have a little umbrella stroller a few times with DD too, but we managed without it. She likes to sit in carts so hopefully we'll be fine to go out when she's 2 and the new baby is here!
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I have the sleepy wrap, a baby bjorn (I don't like it all but whatevs) and an ergo as well as mei tai type thing. So great! I use the ergo/mei tai for both boys and am nuts enough to strap one to the front and one to the back....not for much longer though as my belly is getting big and my boys are GINORMOUS!


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My favorite is my mei tai, I bought it when I was pregnant with DS1 and love it!  It was a FreeHand with a celtic panel and before #4 was born, the ladies at Katara Baby took the panel and made it into a new mei tai for me, it's even better now.  I also have a Kalea baby sling (a pattern that I've wanted for a while, my friend has one) that I bought when DS2 was about a year old, I can't wait to try it on this little one.  I've been eyeing that sling for years!


I've never really been great with a wrap.  I think I want to try a Moby Wrap this time around though, for the tiny little newborn.  I'm going to start keeping an eye out for a used one on the FSOT boards.

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So, I might be a little late to this thread, but I just wanted to say that I own two Girasol wraps, and I LOVE them. I got one for DD when she was just a couple months old, because she was pretty high needs and really never wanted to be put down. I thought it was fantastic to be hands free but wearing something that I really found very comfortable. I tried friends' mei tais, ergos, etc, but I just didn't think any of them offered the comfort and closeness that the wrap does. I also love that their perfect for every stage of your baby's life. I actually pulled mine out the other day and wrapped my almost 3 year old on my back and went for a walk. She still loves the thing and begged me not to take her out :). The only down side to wrapping, in my opinion, is the learning curve. For a long time, I only wrapped her the way that I wrapped my Sleepy wrap (Moby wrap style), but once I dared to venture out, I didn't think it was too difficult. And honestly, every other carrier hurt my back after a while. This just felt like nothing to me.


As a side note, these wraps can also be used to make great hammocks for your baby. I realized with DD that I could tie the wrap from corner to corner, diagonally, in the pack and play to make a perfect hammock. She loved it, but was too old for really sleeping in it. I plan on using it for that, as well as carrying, as soon as this baby comes. No need to spend 300 dollars on one of those fancy baby hammocks!


Anyway, here are a few pictures to show a few different carries and how big my girl has gotten :). I don't have any pictures of my second one, but if you want one, let me know! 






And here we are now- sorry for the bad photography:



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Love all of this!  Woven wraps are awesome.  Learning curve is ssteeper than somethings but youtube is your friend!!

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I have a Baby K'taan that I just loved for the smaller months!! I can't wait to dig it out and use it again :)

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Tbutton- I'd love to see the hammock situation with the woven wrap!!

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Here you go, Anilia:





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Very cool!  Thank you!

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I'm hoping a friend of mine who is visiting Guatemala will be getting me one of those Girasol like wraps directly! SO psyched!bouncy.gif

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I'm jealous!!  Have her get extras!

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