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Doula wanted in Ohio

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Hi everyone. I'm a first-time-mom, and I'm 23 weeks pregnant as of today. I've been hearing and reading a lot about how helpful it is for a woman and her husband/partner to have a doula present during birth, especially during a natural birth. I know doulas aren't miracle-workers, but it would be so nice to have someone who knew what I need and how to help me and my fiance through what is surely going to be the most momentous event of our lives. The thing is, we both work minimum wage jobs and barely manage to get by sometimes, so we really don't have a lot of money. What I'm praying for, is that I can find a doula or doula-in-training who will work on a sliding scale. I'm planning to deliver at either Akron City Hospital or Akron General Medical Center. Can anyone help me out?

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I would try asking your OB or midwife if they know of anyone. Or if there is a place that trains doulas near you they may have a list of new doulas willing to volunteer their time in exchange for experience. Good luck! goodvibes.gif

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I posted on your other thread too, but check out http://www.doulaneo.com/ to get a list of names of doulas who may be able to help you.

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Thanks everyone!

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