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Would blackberry bushes withstand this?

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So, we may end up needing to replace our garage.  We have happy blackberry bushes on a thin strip of dirt between the current garage and patio.  They're a few years old and we get enough berries to kinda enjoy (and neighborhood animals do too).  But I don't think I can dig them all up.  IF we were to cut them back, let them get trampled while the garage got torn down & rebuilt, would they come back on their own next year?  


We have a few that we've been keeping in pots, so if not - we'll be able to minimally replace them.  I was just thinking they'd probably be able to make it after the commotion because brambles tend to be pretty hearty, but wanted a few other thoughts too. 




** I mainly think we'd cut them back so that whomever is doing the garage work doesn't get scratched up, and so that they'd be less likely to get totally ripped out of the ground, somehow.  I was thinking anywhere around 6-12 inches tall.  Would that damage the plants? **

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Blackberries usually can withstand almost anything if their roots are well established, it would take years of mowing them weekly or poison to eradicate them without digging out ALL the roots. They're delicious weeds. I transplanted mine and the offshoots are still coming up all over where I took them from, and I'm cutting them constantly.

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Unless you dug up the entire plot they're in and replaced the dirt, you're not liable to kill them.  You won't get any fruit for a couple years (fruit is produced on 2nd year canes), but the plant itself will survive.  And if you want to encourage more growth after the job is done, you just take a long bramble, lead it back to the ground, put a staple in it (like a tent stake or those ones used to hold ground cloth down) to hold it against the ground in a few places and in short order it will sprout new roots and a whole new plant will grow where it's touching the ground. 


By the same token, if you know the work is coming and have a few weeks before it starts, put a few pots out around the area, and convince some brambles to root in them (like above) - right before the work starts cut them between the original plant and the pot, and you'll have new plants to transplant back into the space when the work is done. 

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My blackberries withstand everything.  Seriously, I have them coming up in the garden from a two inch piece of root that got cut from the parent.

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Blackberries/raspberries are right up there with twinkies and cockroaches.  They'll survive!

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ROTFLMAO.gif  That's so great.  Thanks guys. I'm cracking up.

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