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Midwife near Tampa???

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I have a very good friend of mine that REALLY wants to have a VBAC with her last child. Due to complications in the past, she wants a midwife in attendance. Does ANYONE know of a midwife that will be present for a VBAC near the Tampa area? This is really important to her! 

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Yes, she has some options available to her. 


Lakeland Midwifery Care offers VBACs. http://lakelandmidwiferycare.com/  Also, Sweet Child of Mine Midwifery, which is in Brandon, I think. http://sweetchildbirth.com/site/


There is Labor of Love Birth Center (homebirth only for VBACs) in Lutz, in Lakeland and in Dunedin.  http://laborluv.com/


Hope this helps her!

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I just VBAC'ed with Sizzly Auer of Childbirth Options in Wesley Chapel. She does home visits too for prenatals (convenient for me because I couldn't make it out to her office easily).

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Sweet child o mine!!!
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Call me!  Nora Hernando, CNM, homebirth midwife serving the Tampa Bay area 727-282-8993

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