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Sleep Tips needed

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My LO slept great for the first five months - he would sleep 6-8 hours, eat, and go back to sleep for another 3 hours.  Then around 5.5 months, he went through a phase of sleeping about thirty minutes at a time, slightly longer if he was on our chest.  We have managed to get him back into his crib, and he's sleeping 2-3 hours stretches at a time.  However, getting him to go to sleep is a struggle - I either have to nurse him to sleep, or we have to rock/bounce/walk him to sleep, and it can take a while sometimes.  


So my question is this - do you have any tips on how to get your child to sleep easily, or how to help him sleep through the night??  

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You know, each kid is different.  With my first, I remember working and working to get him to sleep.  With my second one (who is now 6 months old), it seems much easier.  I don't know if this one is easier in general or if it's something I'm doing.  With this one, I wait longer before I put him down.  He is VERY sleepy by the time nap time rolls around and will go down without a whimper.  About a month ago, he started being difficult to put down and I realized that he was stretching out his waking periods and I hadn't adjusted to it.  I was putting him down about every 1.5 hours after he woke up and he wasn't REALLY sleepy until 2- 2.5 hours after waking.  Once I adjusted, things got much easier.  So maybe that could be it?  

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At 6 months old I'd say sleeping 2-3hr stretches is fairly typical. I'm not sure there's much you can do to get him to sleep longer. As far as getting to sleep easily, the easiest way for me has always been feeding to sleep. It takes a while sometimes (especially if I misjudge how tired she is) but I take my book with me and try to enjoy the lie down. One other thing we did find helped around that age was DH lying down with us. It stopped her popping up all the time to see where Daddy was.

It's a busy time for them developmentally and I thInk that's a big contributor to changing sleep patterns at that age. My biggest comfort was that none of the patterns lasted that long :-)
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