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TMBM (The Mama Below Me)

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Just a little get to know you game. Here's how it works: I will say something like, "The mama below me is/does/has whatever," and if that's true of you, you answer and then get to respond with your own, "The mama below me..." Does that make sense? I hope so! So, here we go!


The mama below me play a musical instrument.

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I play piano and recorder :)


The mama below me has already bought new baby stuff.

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I totally scored a like new carseat and stroller at a yard sale yesterday for 15 bucks :)


The mama below me has a garden.

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I love to garden! Right now I'm growing garlic, onions, shallots, lettuce, spinach, radishes, kale and beans. I live in a zone 3, so the warmer weather veggies won't be planted until June. 

Jackies - I love that you play the recorder!

darkblue - Nice yard sale score!



The mama below me plans to practice EC with her next baby.

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I will. I did with my last two, too.


The mama below me is a night owl.

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Turning into a night owl!.. I am blaming pregnancy!

Normally I am an early bird kinda gal (something DH dislikes haha) but I could happily stay up all night now!


Umm Ok.. The Mumma Below Me has travelled Internationally....

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True! I have been to Romania, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, and France. I loved every minute and I can't wait to go back!


The mama below me is vegan.

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I am! For nearly 6 years now, and mostly vegetarian for 8 or so before that. People were betting that I wouldn't make it through pregnancy, but besides the nausea, which is now fading a bit, I actually feel pretty great, and I actually haven't had many aversions to vegetables, or most of the things I usually eat. 


The mama below me can speak a language other than English.

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I'm fluent in American Sign Language, though that's not really "speaking"...lol. smile.gif I've been signing since I was 12. 


The mama below me works out of the home.

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I do half of my work at home on the computer. It's great to be around my family, although it's easy to be distracted by the internet :)


The mama below me took a nap today.

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I took a nap today, but I was in the ER all night and didn't sleep.


TMBM likes urban fantasy novels.

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:) book obsessed Mumma here! Urban Fantasies are probably my favourite at the moment, but ANYTHING i can get my hands on I just eat up!


Ummm... The Mumma below me is planning a home birth or UC !!

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I am planning for my fourth home birth - as the mama.  I was born at home, was there for my brothers' two births at home, and have attended several other home births as a family member/doula.  It's normal to me!  I do worry that I might end up in the hospital if I have the baby too early, since my last baby was born at 36+4.


The mama below me . . . works outside the home (at least sometimes)!

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Nope.  I stay home full time!  I am also a part time student but that's also done at home right now! :)


The mama below me loves to dance!

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I loooove to dance. I like dancing at a show, at the house, or at a class. We took DD to a camping music festival when she was 1 and 2, and we had a blast each time. I'd dance with her in an Ergo or we'd chase each other in a circle. I'd love to go this summer, but it's probably not in the cards since we're saving for the birth. Next summer though!

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I also LOVE to dance.  I will also dance anywhere the mood strikes, sometimes the grocery store.  I have a long history of dance training and just took my first pole dancing class last week. It was safe for the first trimester, and I am so sore.  I've definitely developed a new found respect for boudoir dance.  Anyhoo, it was fun and empowering.

The mama below me has a hidden talent she would like to share...

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I sooo wish I could dance lol. The snoopy dance is about my limit.


I have a fairly secret hidden talent. I make Waldorf dolls, but usually only for my kiddos or for close friends. DH and besties are constantly trying to convince me to sell them but I feel bashful about it.

Also, I cook/bake like mad...I make all of our bread, granola, danishes, croissants, cakes, pies, etc. and I love, love love to cook. (and eat eat.gif)


The mama below me is tattooed.

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Another dancer here! I used to breakdance back in college. orngbiggrin.gif


I have two tattoos on my back - both are Japanese kanji symbols. One means "Love to be different" and the other means "Love hurts". Also done during college. redface.gif


The mama below me is an only child.

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Only child here.


Thats why I would love to have a bigggg family! I think 4 kids sounds like a perfect number! Looking forward to it!


The Mumma below me has made her own clothes 

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OK, so I have made my own clothes but it has been a looong time. Does that still count? When I was in high school I as seriously a home ec. addict. I took every cooking and sewing class they offered and was an A+ student (but ONLY in those classes). I loved it. I did the extra credit for fun. orngbiggrin.gif My life's goal was to be a SAHM (seriously...it was all I ever wanted).
So, I made lots of cute clothes. Sometimes I would just take a huge piece of white fabric and tie dye it cool colors and create some thing fun with the sewing machine!
Sadly though I moved out of my parents house my senior year and have never owned a sewing machine since. greensad.gif That was (gasp!)...20 years ago. I have borrowed friends machines over the years to do a project here or there though. Maybe I should invest again in one!


The mama below me uses raw milk.

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