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My 3mo ds has had a rash on his face since about the 2nd week of his life.  However, it wasn't until about a week or so ago that it started getting worse bigger redder and oozing some sort of yellowish fluid then dries up -  but that doesn't always happen.  Sometimes it just is very red and rashy.  Then sometimes flaky dry.  Its as if it goes through a process.  It wasn't until last week that it started to bother him.  He rubs at his face and become very upset at times.  Also, it wakes him up at night.  

The doctors first said that its cradle cap and there's not much we can do and it doesn't usually bother the baby.  That was all well and good until it did start to bother him very much so.  Then the next doctor said it was eczema/atopic dermatitis.  She prescribed a steroid ointment and to use Aquafor - substance basically like Vaseline.  Both products do not seem to help with calming it down and I swear that they make it even more irritated and inflamed.  I originally was using Aveeno eczema therapy which I thought was helping at first until it didn't anymore.  I don't know why or how...  I can't really make much connection to any consistency of what I've eaten when it has flare up since we BF.


Has anyone experienced this, seen this, have any ideas or suggestions on what it might be and what can help?

Ps. I believe he scratched himself on the lower cheek.  He does not usually bleed.