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freezer or different habits?

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hello. I have been a lurker on MDC for a long time, but hello! I am the veg mother of 3 veg girls, wife of a traditional-western husband, but when we married, it was agreed that there would be no meat in our home. Our true eating style is pescetarian (I can't cook seafood, but we do eat it out), and we eat eggs (free range only) and limitd dairy (I have eczema which is much happier when I don't eat much dairy, but we do eat cheese). We used to have chickens, and that experience changed me toward eggs - I will only buy from local free range sources, or we won't have eggs. Raw milk and cheese are really hard to find, but we buy goat cheese or yogurt when it is available.

So, the reason for this post is that we live in an RV and have plans to travel extensively. However, RV kitchens are not designed for people with fresh-food diets. The fridge isn't nearly big enough, we have tried to make do by using our igloo coolers, but that is getting tiresome (and wasteful, since we buy 1-2 bags of ice nearly evry day!).

We are looking to buy a portable freezer. Typical RVers tell me I am crazy' but mostly they eat a traditional western "diet" of takeout and convenience foods ... we are not the same, I cannot continue this way. I really want to be able to buy produce when we can find good local organic stuff ... go to pick-your-own berry farms ... We can't always get organic or even quality produce, so I think that freezing it when I find it might really help. Maybe even preparing meals and snacks to freeze instead of convenience foods?

wow, I rambled on longer than I planned. Maybe someone here can offer me the support I seek?
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I rely on my freezer so I'd like some info here as well.


What about a dehydrator? Would that help you? You could make a solar one. I don't want a plastic one (who wants chemicals blown onto their food?) This is the deyhdrator I'd like: http://www.amazon.com/TSM-Products-Stainless-Dehydrator-Shelves/dp/B001E6S592/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1336890811&sr=8-2

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Since I have never owned a dehydrator, I am not sure how that would help me. I mainly want to stock up on fruits to make smoothies. and veggies to make dinner. plus, I want to be able to make veggie patties and meatlessballs and pocket pies... cook once I a while and store for future meals.
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I do think that freezer fruits & veggies do help at making them easy and fast to eat when you don't have a lot of time for cooking.  So, I'd imagine it would likely help in your situation?  Especially for smoothies.  Drawbacks are (in your case especially) space, energy usage.  If you're really wanting the fresh fruits/veggies I'm not sure that a dehydrator would be as satisfying (though you'd be able to preserve a large amount of foodstuffs pretty quickly & easily for later, like pick your own berries).    



I assume that you keep pretty stocked up on fruits/veg that don't need fridge space as badly?  ie. potatoes, apples, citrus.  Could you keep a window box for growing lettuces/herbs in easily?  Pickles and pickled veggies would be an almost-as-good-as-fresh option, sometimes, just for the sake of a few other ideas.

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