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Nighttime diapering

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I lay here nursing a sleeping baby. For the first time, odin rooted and latched himself in his sleep. So now I'm wondering...do I change his diaper? Usually he wakes up, diaper gets changed, then nurse back to sleep. But I'm so reluctant to wake him now!

For the past week he has only peed at night, saving poop for morning. But I suspect some poop may have just been made. There's little hope I could check without waking due to swaddle.
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I admit that I've gotten a little lazy with the nighttime diaper changes lately. I am not waking all the way at night when I nurse her, so I don't think of it anymore. We sort of "sleep walk" through nursing at night now. Before I would have to change her before feeding her every time just to rouse her enough to feed because she was so sleepy, but now that she isn't...I realized one morning that didn't change her for like 7 hours! She was SOAKED (and we use cloth!) but her skin wasn't irritated the least bit. Since she isn't getting any irritation, I just started coating her bum well with coconut oil before *I* fall asleep, that way if we accidentally go too long, at least she is protected.  So far so good.

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Tell me more about coconut oil and cloth diapers. Does the oil come out easily in the wash, so no repelling issues? We have a bit of redness going on on his bum, but not horrible. We use FuzziBunz and prefolds/covers right now.

After posting this, he actually woke up and had a calm little happy time for a while. He was adorable so I just watched him look around. DH diapered and re-swaddled him easily - no fuss and no cry. Yay.

Normally he wakes up by squirm-fussing. I'm pretty sure he can't poop in his sleep while swaddled, or something like that. He just seems so uncomfortable during his squirm-fusses.
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It's totally safe for CDs and it's AWESOME! No repelling. I've been using it in my cloth wipe solution too (I use a warmer, so it doesn't solidify...it works perfectly. You can't use it in the solution unless you use a warmer because the melting point is 76 degrees) It's the only thing I use on her bum and she's never had any redness or irritation and I've accidentally let her go WAY too long in a diaper several times. It will prevent AND treat an existing rash. It goes on the skin like an oil rather than a "protective layer", I believe it's because of it's antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that it prevents and treats diaper rash. It will even kill yeast.

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Saudade - Are you willing to share your wipe solution with us?

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I've been playing around with different ones. What I was using initially was 2 cups water and about a tbsp of baby wash and a tbsp of baby oil (I use Burts Bees baby wash and their baby apricot oil because I love the smell) and few drops of Tea Tree Oil. Then I was using Weleda Calendula baby wash with olive oil. Now I've switched to using coconut oil. I just dissolve it in hot water and as long as it's used in a wipe warmer, it's great. This is my very favorite oil to use and solution yet. I don't think I'll be changing it anymore.  Basically, I always make my solution with a bit of soap of some kind, some sort of oil and a few drops of TTO keep it fresh, but since coconut oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral AND antioxidant qualities, I've left the TTO out because I don't like smell of TTO and it's so strong that if you put one or two too many drops in by accident, it changes the whole scent of the solution. Yuck. I've also played around with witch hazel and aloe, but I wasn't crazy about those.


I know people who make their solution with ONLY coconut oil and leave out the soap because their babies have such sensitive skin.

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Rosie, DH has a joke he makes to new dads--something about you can tell how new parents are by how many times they change diapers during the night.  I don't know.  I only change Mallory once a night usually, because that's how often I wake up enough to actually think she might need a clean diaper.  The other wakings are just to flip over and pop out the other boob.  If she were actually fussing instead of just looking for the boob, I would get up and change her.  shrug.gif

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JustKate - guilty as charged! Heehee. This was the first time he has woken up just searching for boob. Usually he squirms, like he's uncomfortable, and wakes up cranky.

He just had a huge poop. Didn't blow out but went up the back and front. Plus he has some redness. So bath time, then coconut oil! We shall see how it goes. Fingers crossed.
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My little guy hates to be wet so there is no leaving him in a soiled diaper. He will let you know in no uncertain terms it is time. We are staring EC as well and so far it is going well. I am going to struggle with the nighttime diapering as well until we can get things figured out.
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I gave up and started using disposable diapers at night. I am also sleep-walking through our nursing, and I have a much easier time slipping on a new disposable dipe in my hazy, half-awake state.

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