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Has anyone ever had negative tests, and in fact pregnant?

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Ok so here's my story. I have been having pregnancy symptoms for about  2 months now. I have all of them, but worse than I had with my three children. Fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, strange cravings, feet and ankles swelling, breast tenderness, and changes in them (rounding out more, and dark and bigger nipples) increased hunger. You name it, I have it. I also have an enlarging abdomen. I have lost a lot of weight, and my belly was somewhat flat again, but now it is perfectly round, and I have been feeling movement. And it continues to grow. I have had three children, so I know the difference between gas, and a baby moving. The movements have actually gone from flutters to flips and bumps, or kicking as some people call it. But, I have taken countless hpt's, but I did have two positives with faint lines, which were the 3rd and 4th ones that I did.  I have been to have 3 blood tests now, all negative.  The last one I had was at my regular doc, and she ordered a quantiative test, and it was <2.  I have not had a vaginal exam, however. I have been to an ob, and my reg doc, had urine tests, and they were neg also.   The ob didn't examine me or anything because my urine test was ng,  She only then sent me for the blood test.  Every thing was laid out and ready, and no exam.  I'm just confused and wondering if anyone else has had this same issue. I just know that I'm pregnant, but can't seem to get any prenatal care, because the tests at the doctors are coming out negativie. I stopped losing weight about 8 months ago after I got down to where I wanted to be, which was 125 pounds. I was on the pill, but when I had sex, I missed the pill two days after that.  I haven't really had a period since Feb 1st.  On the 29th of February, I had spotting that lasted for 4 days, but I think it might have been because I was still on the pill and didn't realize something was going on.  It was the middle of March before I started having symptoms and took the tests that were positive.  My periods are 6-7 days long and heavy until the last two days of them. If I am pregnant, I would be about 14 weeks.  I am feeling like I am in the second trimester because, the morning sickness was an almost all day thing, but not it is just with certain smells.  Plus, I have had a surge of hormones that makes me want sex all the time, which is not like me at all.  I'm usually too tired, or not in the mood, but I don't care how tired I am, I still want it.  And every day too.  I have read in several place where women don't ever get a pos and deliver healthy babies.  I just would like to know if this has happened to anyone.  And advise or comments would be greatly welcomed!  Thanks for the help. :)

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Oh, btw, my profile pic is what my belly looks like now.  It was not like that before.  If I wore something like that before, I would not have looked pregnant.  I can't even wear my blue jeans anymore because I can't button them.  I have gained 7 pounds, but my belly got bigger before I gained weight.  And as big as it is, I should have gained about 20 pounds. 

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You would think with all your symptoms the Drs would want to find out what is going on.  Not just say, Nope, all these tests say you aren't pg and then set you loose.  Well, then what is going on?  (fwiw, they should be listening to you and treating YOU not just looking at test results on paper)


It looks and sounds like you are PG to me.  Maybe bring a HPT with you, used and not used?

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Somewhere on Navelgazing Midwife's blog, she talks about how, during one of her pregnancies, she got negative tests from the doctors she saw until she was 20 weeks pregnant, even though she knew she was pregnant for a long time. She even had a u/s to rule out pregnancy and was told she was not pregnant. That's the only other time I've heard of that, but it is once at least.

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Katt, I'm glad you think I am.  I know I am.  I have never experienced these things unless I was pregnant.  I really wish they would give me an ultrasound.  I thought about going to the ER and tell them I'm pregnant and my belly is hurting really bad, but I'm afraid that they will do a urine test, and see that it's negative, and not give me one.  I guess I'll just have to wait until you can see a baby fliping over on the outside...

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Oh ok.  Thanks for your help,  Plummeting. :)

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I have 3 kids and one on the way and my first 3 didn't show up until later on in the pregnancy! I was already 4 months with my son when I got my first prenatal appt because even blood tests came back negative! I KNEW I was pregnant though!!! I hope things work out for you!!!

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I have three kids too, and my tests showed up positive with them.  I don't know why it's different this time, though.  But a woman knows when she is pregnant.  And every pregnancy is different.  I knew it even before I took a test just based on what I was going through at the time.  Thanks for your help, though.  So what about the one you have on the way, have you gotten positives this time?

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i was 17 days late with this pg before i got a squinter. i knew i was pg and had implantation bleeding 5 dpo.  i had started testing 8dpo and was very frustrated when my period didnt show up and i still kept getting negative tests.

my friend was 8 weeks pg when she got her bfp. 

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The baby I am carrying now showed up pretty early! I think it was 5 weeks! I was shocked that it had shown up so soon since my other 3 didn't but I'm glad because this go around I was on some medications that are NOT ok to take during pregnancy! I hope you find out soon either way! Hopefully they will do an ultrasound on you or something to make sure!!!

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Well, that's weird.  It's like you and I are opposite, sahmof2.  lol  I just hope I can get some answers soon rather than later.  I would be almost 4 months.  15 weeks on Wednesday.  Maybe after the 4 month mark, I'll get one.  Idk.  My belly grows and gets bigger every week.  And I have had headaches off and on all day every day.  I still get nausiated with certain smells, which does NOT happen to me on a regular basis.  I bought some salami from the deli for my son yesterday, and the smell had me so nausiated that I felt like I was going to throw up.  Also, certain foods cooking make me that way.  Eggs is the thing that always makes me nausiated when I'm pregnant.  For some people it's bacon.  But, before I realized that anything was going on, my fiance cooked some eggs, and I got so nausiated!  I really really hope to find something out soon.  It's driving me crazy!

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Ok.  So I just read that PCOS can cause false negatives because you have an imbalance of hormones.  I was diagnosed with it a little over 10 years ago.  Has anyone ever heard of this sort of thing?  I know that I only ovulate every other month because my right ovary is the one that I get cysts on.  The egg gets trapped in the cyst and is never released.  I think maybe that's why I keep getting the negative results. 

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Wow. How frustrating! My doctors have been like that lately, as far as, 'Well, the tests say blah blah blah. Therefore I can't think for myself even though I have been through a bajillion years of medical school.....' I am so sick of doctors! Good luck with your pregnancy!

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Yes, it is frustrating.  Thanks for the good luck wishes!  I wish I could get some prenatal care.  I just don't know what to do to get it...

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Well, you can start doing what you can at home.

Keep records of:

Blood Pressure

Weight (if you can/want)

Measurement of fundus (I'm sure you can find a how-to online)

get a fetoscope or doppler (you can probably rent both) and make notes

Make sure you eat healthy and exercise

Keep a rough track of movement, when most active etc... 


After all that I think there are probably lists online or the UC threads.  Not saying you are going to UC, but at least you'll have some care, even if provided yourself.

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I will do my best to do all of those things.  Thanks for the advice!

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I would also say that your docs are letting you down. If you're feeling all of these symptoms and experiencing a growing abdomen then you'd think they'd want to investigate to figure out why. I once had an ultrasound done in my 20s because I was having intense pain in my belly. They asked if I could be pregnant and I said no. So they did an ultrasound. They didn't find anything, but at least then we had more information. Can you go from that angle? How frustrating!
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Can you go to a crisis pregnancy center? I know that some of them will give US at no charge. 

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I would really push your doc on this, since there are other health conditions that can mimic some pregnancy symptoms, and especially with a growing abdomen you would want to rule out various tumors, etc (as well as pregnancy, obviously).  I would sit down with your doctor and just say you're not comfortable continuing with this without an ultrasound.

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Well, it seems that doctors around here don't want to do anything with neg tests.  I'm not sure about the pregnancy crisis center.  I need to look into it.  But, I did look up how to measure your uterus online, and I did that, and felt for it, and measured, and it was right at 15 weeks, which is what I thought.  It's not all in my head because I found it and measured before I looked at the measuring tape.  I will see if there is a crisis center or something or maybe try to find a different doctor.  But I have medicaid, and there aren't many ob's that take it.

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