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Constant Nursing....

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Happy Mothers Day!  My hubby totally failed today-- not even a card!   He usually does so good! :-(


Ayway, does anyone else have a LO that nurses all day?  I mean I can't do anything besides nurse literally. i don;t know how much is normal for an almost 3 week old or if its cause of this nipple shield?

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I think they usually hit a growth spurt at 3 weeks. My DD was nursing all.night.long several nights last week. It is helping increase your milk and helps them grow. In my experience it will be over soon. 

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yep! 3 week growth spurt. hang in there!!!

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Yep! It let's up pretty soon. Then I'm sure starts up again! When's the next one?
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Rosie, I think the next growth spurt is around 6 weeks. (which might be why it feels like L gained 15 lbs overnight, and she's 6.5 wk now)

A woman at the bus stop showed me how to nurse in our Moby ;-) I haven't gotten the complete hang of it (nursing in Moby yes, hands free no) but she swears she loved her Moby for hands-free nursing. L nurses mostly during the day so if I am completely locked down I get nothing done.
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Rule of thumb for growth spurts is that they usually last around 24 h. If it's several days of the baby nursing constantly but not seeming satisfied then I'd be wanting to rule out a supply issue.
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She has been eating lik this since she started with the nipple shield 2 weeks ago. Before that she was only finger feeding.  I'm hoping we can be done with the shield ASAP.  I just wondered how much of this was early newbor nursing versus the shield?  She is gaining weight ok- gained 6 oz this week.  (sorry, NAK and only 1 hand to type)

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Well, what do you mean by nursing constantly?  My DS did what felt like nursing constantly too and it was just the way he is, he likes a lot of contact and really liked to nurse.  He is tongue tied so that meant that he would get tired nursing, take a long time, and wake up needing to nurse all over again. My day and night looked like this:  nurse for 45min-1hr 15min (ish) then he would sleep and nurse again at two hour intervals....from the beginning of one feeding to the next which was only a 45 min break.  Then on top of that, he would cluster feed from 6-9pm where he pretty much nursed that whole time.  DD is different in that she will nurse quickly, no tongue tie, but she nurses often.  The doctor recommended small frequent feedings for her due to reflux and I just laughed because she can nurse up to 10 times in a 2hr period.  DS nursed that frequently until after a year old, but he got much quicker.  DD seems to get frantic if she just wants to suck and my milk keeps coming down...but she gets mad if I stop nursing her.  What I am trying to say is that at least for my kids, it has been the way they solve everything, hunger, overstimulation, tiredness, fear, loneliness, etc= nurse.  When they get older it is more easy to distinguish but right now, DD uses it to normalize and reorient herself a lot.  If she isn't being worn, she is usually nursing.  She definitely falls into the category of needing that "fourth trimester" approach. It is hard.  I hope you get answers that help. It sounds like you have worked really hard to give your LO all that she needs.  It sounds too like she is gaining well. I hope you can get off the shields soon, you have had to have a lot of extras in your nursing with her, you will think it is a piece of cake when you can just pop her on the boob and not have to worry about everything else!

oh and to add something else, not sure where to put it, but as far as working out etc ( from the other thread), I would totally wait and just deal with the stress of figuring out feeding a newborn before I tried to tackle weight. Just my two cents worth, figuring out feeding is stressful enough if you are running into challenges.

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Flavor- Yeah, I think my LO is like your DS except witjout the tongue tie.  I get a couple short breaks at night, but not many. It just feels overwhelming now because i can't see an end to it!  Which I now is crazy- I'm sure she will grow out of this at some point and at least have some gaps between feedings redface.gif  She also does the frantic cluster feeds all evening- makes my ta-tas ache by the time she takes a break!  I can't wait to see how it is without the shield! It will feel like such a break!  Your rght about the exercising-- I'm gonna wait till at least 6 weeks and nursing going well.  Thanks for your encouragement!!!!!  Its just nice to hear from someone whos been there- you can feel so alone sometimes..

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Jessi - I just spent four hours switching Odin from boob to boob, in every possible position, even upside down. I find that when he cluster feeds in the evenings if I change positions he will nurse a little longer with each switch. It's tough but you can do it!
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Thanks Rosie!  That is what I end up doing and by the end of the marathon session I am so tender that I can't wait for her to nap.  I do see more of a pattern starting now though.  Good for you for sticking in there too!

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