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how accurate is ultrsound??

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Hi my situation is this,I had cheated on my boyfriend for tge first time in Oct of 2011, with a guy I just met throughs a mutual friend. Had unprotected sex two times somewere in mid of Oct and then we stoped talking and I got my period Oct26, just spotting. I completly cut off all contact with him and started to see my boyfriend of 9yrs again and was with him and having sex all Nov and Dec. In Nov I remember being nauseas and vomit on Nov the night before mt cousins wedding and on Thanksgiving Nov23. I dont recall having a period in Nov. Waited out until Dec to get my period. Nothing. suddenly I took a pregnancy test in Jan and was positive. I made an Dr.appt and had an ultrsound on Monday Jan 16th and Dr dated me 6wks/6days. Est,due date of Sept 2,2012 and making my LMP Nov 26th. I had my 2nd ultrsound Feb 24 at 13weeks,doctor says I’m Right on track and giving me the same due date. Now my ultrsound I just had April 10th gave me date of 19wks/4days. baby weighs 11oz. My question I’Ver been doubting could I have got pregnant from my parter I had unprotected sex with in Oct?? Please help?
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I believe earlier ultrsasounds are more accurate.
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I've heard the same. Sorry you're in such a tough spot, lady. 

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The early ultrasound should be accurate within a week. Later ultrasounds are not as accurate. It sounds like you conceived in early to mid-December.

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my first ultrsound 1/16/11 I walked in dating myself at 12weeks or more considering ny other partner,after u/s detected me 6wks/6dys. My doc has not changed my due date and not yet concerned with the baby growing larger then I should be at 26 weeks.
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