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Halfway there!

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Happy Mothers' Day, everyone! I hit 20 weeks today. I can't believe I'm halfway there! Where did the time go?  I've been holding off on getting stuff ready and gathering what we need, but now is the time. So exciting! energy.gif

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Congrats! I'm only 17 weeks but this is when I feel like it starts to get exciting! You start to feel the baby moving and get to start preparing. 


Enjoy your Mother's Day! 

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I agree!!  When I realized I was 17 weeks Friday...it felt further along than any of the other weeks for some reason!  I think b/c it's closer to 20!  I have been dealing with some pregnancy paranoia...and haven't been buying anything or doing much preparation (I think b/c I spotted on an off for the 1st 10 weeks and b/c we tried to get pregnant for so long with this baby....)...but the further along I get the better I feel.  I actually bought one small item at Target today in honor of Mother's Day.  I find I really cannot find anything sex neutral and since I don't know the sex of the baby it is hard to get clothing!! 

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Yes!  I agree as well!  I'm almost 19 weeks and it hit me today just how close that is to the half-way point!  It seems hard to believe this pregnancy has gone so fast already!  I made my first (non-craft supply) purchase for this baby today too....no, make that second.  I did purchase a ring sling to celebrate hearing the heart-beat the first time, right after I'd had lots of spotting problems.


 We don't need a huge amount of stuff for this baby.  Most of the things I feel like are really essential, we still have left from DS.  I went ahead and made a small registry of things I really want/need though, mostly to give to the grandparents.  If this baby's a girl we'll definitely need a few pieces of less boyish clothing, though it really won't matter so much around the house. 


I'm really not into most of the baby clothes I'm seeing right now  for boys or girls anyways.  I feel pretty strongly about no writing and very limited pictures on baby and child clothes and I'm not finding much that meets that criteria. I guess I really just want to see my baby in mama-knit items anyway for the most part.winky.gif

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