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Who here is planning a hospital birth?

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I had a home birth with my last baby that was amazing but for this baby, I will have to drive 1 1/2 to the city where the midwife lives and give birth at the hospital.  The good thing is that the hospital has a nice big birth tub so I can have a water birth if I want.


I am trying to think of things that I can do/bring with me to make the birth feel as much like a home birth as possible.  Any suggestions?  What are you doing to make sure that your hospital birth is a good experience?  What are you bringing with you?

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I am having this baby at a birth center at a small rural hospital.  I think the most important thing I am doing to prepare for a good experience, besides keeping a good attitude, is having a doula for myself and for my daughter.  I know those two will help keep my surroundings comfortable.  

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I am delivering at a hospital for the second time, with a midwife.  This is a different hospital than my last delivery and they have just renovated the whole floor and have tubs, etc.  For me, I will have music, etc. but during my last birth (which was early, at 36.5 weeks so I wasn't really ready/packed) I paid so little attention to my surroundings that as long as I have my DH there supporting me, that's all I need.

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I'm also giving birth in a hospital with a midwife. I actually haven't taken the tour yet blush.gif but I'm told some of the rooms have birth tubs, which I think I want. DH and I have been talking about what to pack, but with this being our first, I'm not sure what we'll actually need. I'm definitely going to take some sort of scent (essential oils, maybe?). I hate the smell of hospitals and want an olfactory distraction.

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As of right now I am planning a hospital birth, but it has the potential to change to a homebirth. I will know for sure by the 20th (we have our hospital tour that day and will make our final decision).


I wanted to link a resource for my fellow hospital mommies (and for anyone else in case of transfer):




It is an awesome visual birth plan that you can hang on the wall of your hospital room. Nurses and other caregivers can tell at a glance what your wishes are. I am not affiliated with them in any way, they were just recommended to me by my doula. My package came in the mail this week and I am so thrilled with everything included. :-) It also includes a "I have a birth plan" door hanger so everyone who enters your room will be aware of that fact. I thought that was a nice touch.


I do have a hospital packing list but it is pretty long. If anyone wants me to PM it to them I am totally willing, just let me know.

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alicewyf, can you pm me?  I need to get packing soon.

I'm going to bring some music and oils/massage lotion.  We have our hospital tour Wednesday so we'll see if we need anything more. 

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My list is pretty generic and nothing for during the actual birth besides my pillow and socks.  (There's an odd visual for you!)  I was totally in my own world last time, I think music or anything would be a waste of effort. Oh, and I'll probably bring my birth ball in case there are lots of women needing them at once.

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PMed you Lite!

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Can you PM your list as well?  Thanks!!!  :)

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Sent bright_eyes!

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I'm bringing a doula this time!  Our hospital is actually pretty baby/mama friendly and has a bunch of cool labor toys and tubs.  I happened to get stuck with a visiting OB with DD1 and it changed the entire game :(  I made sure my OB would be in town this time and hired a doula who rocks so I think this will make all the difference. 


Definitely bring your own pillow with pillowcase and your own clothes  - hospital gowns blow.  A handkerchief dabbed with lavender oil is relaxing to sniff and fresh flowers are a nice focus feature.

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I wore the hospital gowns the first 24 hours because I didn't want to get anything of mine messy.  Then I wore a nursing tank and yoga pants of my own on the second day, and a hoodie.

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Maybe I'm just not picky, but this is my fourth hospital birth, and they have all been fine. I've not had any bad feelings about any of my births or any of the people who have taken care of me. I do deliver in a small community hospital where I know practically everyone who works there, and even the people I don't know are SUPER friendly (we're in the Deep South), so that probably adds to the experience.
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Home birth is frowened upon in South Africa (where we live), it is just not done as a choice here.


Having another hospital birth - in a hospital semi-theatre room.  Not very remantic, but that is the best you can get here.

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I'm having a hospital birth. It will be my first in 12 years. I had four home births in between. I was originally using a fantastic solo CNM in a birth center-like hospital (everything done in room, no standard anything), but the stupid OB in her practice decided to stop being her back-up. So a few weeks ago I scrambled to find a new provider. I can't go to the good hospital because the only provider is the stupid OB.

I'm now seeing a rotating group practice of CNMs, which is not ideal. Everyone I've met so far is fine, but I've only met half of them. My last four babies came 1.5-3 weeks early, so I don't know if I will even have time to meet them all before I give birth. The hospital is ok. About half the women there go natural. I don't expect to have to fight for anything I want.

This pregnancy has been so difficult that I think I will just be relieved for it to be over....
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We are having a hospital birth with a midwife and doula.  I was on the fence, but I keep hearing great things about this hospital's policies on pretty much everything I believe in from doulas and homebirth midwives, and it is what is covered with our insurance, so we are going with it.  My mom had 4 at home in a remote area, but I think our family is a bit more suited for a natural friendly hospital birth.  It's funny, but as a big believer in natural birth (I had my first with no pain meds despite pitocin induction), I have had some guilt about going the hospital route.  I have had a do some positive self-talk to feel good about the decision, but after finding an awesome doula, I am feeling confident that we made the right choice.  I am bringing a swiss ball, my own nightgowns, coconut water, and an amazing support team (probably forgetting something).  Good luck to you all!

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We will be at the hospital ....I wrote a blog post about what I was bringing!
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