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Cat lost a lot of weight

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My 14 year old indoor cat went missing.

She was gone for 13 days. I just got a call last night and someone found her hiding under their deck.


She is clean and seems fine. But very skinny and thristy. And she seems a bit stiff in the legs.

She was not a big cat to begin with. I feed her dry food for senior cats.


Is there something that I can give her to help regain her weight and health? Like ensure for cats?

I know that when she was a bitty kitten we gave her a kitten formula (she was taken from momma cat too early).

Is there something like that for older cats?


She is eating and drinking fine now. But I can feel each and every vertibrate and bone in her body when I pet her.


Thank you.

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Chances are that your poor girl had virtually no hunting skills while she was out there, so she lost a bit of weight. If she would eat it, you might want to introduce wet food or something that maybe packs more of a calorie punch or is easier to digest? You may want to call your vet to get a recommendation.

Oh, and you should probably make an appointment to take her in anyway. She may have picked up a parasite that is impacting her health as well.

I'm glad she's home!! cat.gif
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Bring her in for a check up and blood work- to assure that she doesn't have any underlying problems (especially considering her age).  They will likely want to do either SQ Fluids or IV fluids to rehydrate her.  There are a few recovery (high cal/nutrition) diets available through your vet (they have at least twice the calories of regular canned food)-Hills a/d, Royal Canin/Medi-cal recovery, Iams Max Cal.  These are also able to be syringe fed if the pet is not eating.

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Thank you.

I am going to be bringing her in to the vet for a check-up, but unfortunately cannot get her there before the weekend.


She is drinking well and eating very well too. She has been going in the litter so she is fine with elimination too.

I bought her some wet food for senior cats for now and will take her to the vet this weekend.


She is in good spirits, and back to being her self again.


I am just so relieved that she is home and safe.

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