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Theres no point in arguing whether it works or not, it IS illegal and you are in a state where pot isn't looked on as no big deal. I think pot should be legal and used medicinally, but Im not in charge.

CPS WILL bust you if you pop dirty and they do drug test moms, some places test every mom (I was). They also drug test babys poop, usually only when mom tests positive, because meconium holds drug residue for many, many, months (3-6). Please do not think CPS has bigger things to do, because it just doesn't work that way. They take drugs seriously, often even more than actual abuse. (awful but true!)

My friend (when I was in TX) got caught this way and had a year long PITA with CPS. She had to take classes, get drug tested, and any mess up meant loss of kids, even temporarily. She was lucky that she got a reasonable case worker! This was in the liberal city of Austin. It was a huge mess, and will always be out there even years later- not good if you don't want CPS issues.

So, the best thing is to quit now so that you are clean when you give birth. Don't wait, you never know if you will have a preemie and thus still test positive. If you still have nausea, try the Zofran. It works fantastic and I have never know anyone to have issues from it. It's highly effective, legal, and safe (years of use and study back it up).

Best luck!
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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMama4-4-10 View Post
 And so even when all you did was smoke a little pot when you were pregnant, it is all too possible that the end result is that your child is removed from your care.  I have seen it happen many many times.  Prenatal drug abuse alone may not be "child abuse," but ultimately it doesn't matter, because it can be the issue that calls attention to you by CPS. Once CPS is involved, all bets are off and they can make a case against you if you are anything less than perfect. 


I would strongly suggest that no one give advice that others rely on to their detriment.  This is no joke and what you choose to do to your own body is one thing, but you are dead wrong on your facts and I would hate for someone to believe you and take a huge gamble without even knowing it. 


As a former foster parent I can tell you that you or your baby testing positive for any illegal drug at birth will run the risk of your child being removed from your care.


I was not a foster parent in your state (I was in OK at the time). I have an adopted daughter who came into care at birth because mom tested + and then the tested my daughter's meconium  which came up +. In this case it wasn't pot but it was what got DHS involved and it snow balled from there.


I have a good friend who got a new born baby girl because mom tested + for MJ at the birth. We thought surely for such a minor offense the baby would soon be going back home to mom. Well, once again, once DHS got involved in the situation and set up a case plan it made it very difficult for mom to get the baby back. My friend has now adopted that baby girl. Even as foster parents who were used to dealing with these cases we couldn't believe that this baby was removed for a seemingly minor offense. 


IMO, child protective services is a corrupt agency and they have a screwy way of handling these cases. I would do whatever was in my power to make sure that you never did anything that could involve them in your life.


Hoping everything works out for you and the birth of your little one. hug2.gif

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Originally Posted by tropicana74 View Post


IMO, child protective services is a corrupt agency and they have a screwy way of handling these cases. I would do whatever was in my power to make sure that you never did anything that could involve them in your life.






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when i had ds1 they tested HIS urine for drugs. 

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Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation. Textbook.  
Marijuana category X  
Marijuana risks contaminants. So unless you are growing your own, beware of laced product.  
THC  does cross the placenta.  
Possible decrease gestation by .8 weeks.  
Increase risk precipitous labor (29% v 3%) or prolonged labor (31% v 19%).  
Increase risk of meconium passage (57% v 25%).  
Increase risk resuscitation (41% v 21%).  
Association with strabismus.  
Newborn risk for decreased visual responses, irritability, high pitched cry, tremors, startles.  
At 36 and 48 month lower verbal and memory scores.  
At 9-12 yo, worse impulse control and visual analysis/hypothesis testing.  
1989 report from Children's Cancer Study Group demonstrated 10 fold increase risk for acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia (ANLL).

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Yeah, actually there is doubt. A lot of it. Did you even read the links you posted, really? Web MD is not a credible source if information, imo. Show me a controlled study where the mother smoked/vaporized/consumed mj, and used absolutely no other drugs at all, not even a tylenol, and had complications, low birthweight babies, or babies born with defects. Good luck with that.

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The lack of a controlled study doesn't prove that it's safe for pregnancy. Researchers are very hesitant to do controlled studies on pregnant women, for obvious reasons.


This article talks about the challenges of including pregnant women in a study:


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I have followed along with this thread, but not posted so far.  Truthfully, I am surprised to see so much venom on it, especially attacks on the OP, when  MDC itself features an article on the benefits of medical marijuana for morning sickness (good article BTW).  It sees like you may be in the wrong community if you are so closed to alternative therapies.  I have avoided all substances during this pregnancy (even all caffeine until the third trimester) but you bet your life I would chose MJ over some supposedly "safe" prescription.  Remember there was a supposedly safe morning sickness drug prescribed until the 60's (I think it was called Thalidomide) which caused lots of babies to be born missing limbs.  Watch TV and you will see one ambulance chaser lawyer after another encouraging mom's whose babies were born with birth defects to join this or that class action law suit, especially for depression and anti-anxiety drugs.  I know it is not "medically approved studies" but I grew up around lots of hippie, pot smoking mamas who had healthy and smart babies who grew into healthy and smart people.  The thousands of years of marijuana use without real evidence of harm seems to clearly trump newly invented and barely vetted drugs approved by the establishment for a few years before they are then discovered to have some severe side effect.  This goes for many medical issues both during and outside of pregnancy.  They are all called "safe" until it is discovered that they really are not.  I would definitely worry about the continued ignorance of government official (including CPS) about the relative risks and benefits on marijuana and babies and mamas being tested at birth, but in a more highly evolved society, no one would be doing anything but complementing this mama (OP) for considering what seemed to be the safest course for her baby when she tried to treat severe morning sickness.

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I live in kansas and trust me they are STRICT, i would stop smoking about a month before your due date.

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I have removed some posts for language and for personal attacks. Please keep things respectful.

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