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*hugs Corgi* I wish I had some words of wisdom..

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Aww Corgi!! Eggplant parm? Enemas? Have your midwife strip your membranes? Nipple stimulation w a breast pump (supposed to be stronger than manual stimulation) Bounce on a birth ball? Try to be gentle on yourself. I know it must be so frustrating!

I haven't caught up on this thread at all.... Going back to read through it now!
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Astraia- Does he have a belly problem?  Some of mine have demanded to nurse over and over and over when they didnt' really want to...they needed to burp or deal with gas or something.  My other thought is to check his mouth for a lip or tongue tie.  I so wish I would have known that off the bat pp last time.  #4 wore me out with nursing issues.  If he does have a bit of a tie somewhere, he could have transfer problems, which can make him want to nurse all the time, and not be satisifed after he's done.  *hugs* Whatever it is, I sure hope you can figure him out.  Those screaming newborns sure are exhausting!  (And, non-supportive dh's.  Blah.)


Casmer and lmh and Maryam....Yay!!!


Corgi-I'm sorry you are in this pickle.  Have you tried *not* trying?  Take a long hot bath, read a good book, just really try to relax and get in a good place mentally.  Maybe taking a day off and calming yourself will let all the natural stuff work for you.  Have you tried acupressure?  There are some good youtube videos on how to do it.  I booted out baby #4 with acupressure (well, acupuncture done with a laser.)  I was overdue, though.

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I'm currently having my first encounter with a breast pump. wild.gif  Feeling a little like a dairy cow in a factory farm.  We're thinking of renaming her "Boob Shark".

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Just a quick check-in... not much going on.  Still contracting off and on.  And they're productive contractions.  But no pattern yet.  I was able to go without any painkillers for about 15 hours today, but then had to cave to a single Tylenol because of the combo of jaw pain and headache.  I'm nesting like mad though, even as much as I'm trying to rest to let my body heal some more.


So yesterday, after I did the grocery shopping, I came home and pickled the beets I've had sitting in my fridge (made 2 qts of fridge pickles).  I made a double batch of granola, loaded the dishwasher, and loaded up the fridge with labor drinks.  Did some laundry, straightened up the house, moved the crib mattress to the crib and put the new twin in it's place, and made up both of them.  Oh, and I filled the kiddie pool by hand (with a bucket).  Today I've loaded the dishwasher, made 10 single-serve custards, seasoned my new cast iron waffle iron and I have peach butter on the stove reducing.  Not to mention going out this morning for coffee and donuts with the family.  Gotta cook up some chicken for dinner, not sure what I'm going to do with it.  I have more laundry going right now, and still have to wash the NB diapers, which I just pulled out of storage, and then a load of NB clothes that need washing.  At this point the only thing I'm avoiding is vacuuming. Oh, and we seem to be having another heat wave, so I'm dripping sweat while doing all of this (it's not all that hot, but I'm really feeling it). 


I did hear from Maryam, she is babymooning, and I asked for permission to share with the group, I'll let you know when I hear back from her.


Corgi - I wish there was some magic something that would work for you, but at 38 weeks, there's really not, if what you've already tried hasn't helped.  Have you gotten a second opinion on the problems you're having with the pregnancy?  Can you?  I'd do that first.  What's your Bishop Score?  I hope you can get things moving along. 

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Just1- I don't knwo on the tummy. DD nursed like this- constantly- but then it was intersperesed with fussing while latched on, excessive spitting up, screaming, reflux-y sounding things that I didn't understand were reflux until she was more than a year old (then I looked back and went, "ooooooooh, is that what it was!" and felt awful for not realizing and trying to fix it). I'm keeping a sharp eye out for anything that looks like reflux this time. But he doesn't seem like that. It almost seems like he doesn't know what to do with himself if he's not nursing or crying. Sometimes he's okay just looking around for a few minutes, but then his hand moves past his mouth and he starts rooting and then realizes, "hey wait! There's no boob here!" and starts crying. Or he's just really really hungry- he often drains both sides when he wakes up from a nap, even when they're both quite engorged.


He has good naps- goes 3 hr stretches in the morning and again in the afternoon- and wakes up and transfers milk really really well- drains both sides fully- then nurses/dozes while semi latched for 3-4 hours straight, sleeps, drains both sides when he wakes up, nurses/dozes for the next 3 hours, repeat. I just, very literally, CANNOT put him down for even a few minutes while he's awake without him screaming. DH can't hold him for more than about 5 minutes without him screaming.


I have had issues with oversupply with both of my other children, so I'm letting him nurse off the same side a few times before I switch him so that might be part of the problem? I don't feel as ridiculously engorged this time as I did the other two times, so maybe I'm just undersupplying...? Heck, I don't know. 

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Cristeen- holy nesting! That's amazing. You have definitely topped even my peak of nesting productivity.


I'm feeling pretty productive today- I tidied and swept the living room.

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Originally Posted by Astraia View Post

Cristeen- holy nesting! That's amazing. You have definitely topped even my peak of nesting productivity.


I'm feeling pretty productive today- I tidied and swept the living room.


LOL!!  And I forgot a few things.  Like finishing up the first batch of limoncello and starting another batch (so the lemons didn't all rot during my babymoon) last night, and freezing all the lemon juice from the first batch in ice cube trays.  Today I juiced all the lemons I processed last night, and froze the juice, made a big pot of chicken pilaf, I just started the NB dipes laundry and put some of the NB clothes in to soak before washing them. 


About 7:00 I had a BIG contraction - the kind that had DH running in from the other room.  Immediately followed by a need to poo.  A few more sporadic bigger ones, and more trips to the bathroom, so my body definitely seems to be gearing up. 


I'm hoping now that DS is in bed my body can get things in gear.  I really need to call my MW and doula and give them a heads-up though.  So far I've just been chilling out. 


For being a few days pp, I say tidying and sweeping is extremely productive! 


I did post Maryam's birth announcement in the announcement thread.  She emailed me from the hospital and gave me permission to share.  She had a little boy Friday morning. 

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