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persephassa - the last time I went in to see my dentist for a routine check-up/cleaning he told me to pump and dump after my next visit, but I'm not sure why if I'm just going in for a routine cleaning.  Maybe I misunderstood him or something, who knows.  Here is a link from Kelly Mom about sedation and bfing: http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastfeed/meds/sedation/


I'm looking forward to trying out our Moby, only a week (or so) left!


We had our 39 week appointment this morning and my BP went down!  It was 120/82, so WHEW.  I'm still going to take it easy, take my supplements (calcium, mg, fish oil) and make sure I don't miss my walk.  I think working on my stress level helped a lot.  Oh, and I'm totally not stopping at CVS to check my bp anymore! 



Cristeen - I hope you get to feeling better...fingers crossed for your dental appointment!

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Well, I'm now minus one tooth.  The xrays this time finally showed a pocket of infection under the root of the tooth, so they gave me the option of root canal or extraction, and I chose extraction.  Which wound up being a good choice, since they couldn't actually see the crack in the tooth until it was all the way out - a root canal wouldn't have solved the problem. 


So the numbing is starting to wear off, and I imagine the pain will start ramping up shortly.  But thankfully the infection can now drain and it will stop getting reinfected.  It'll take a week or more for the gum to heal though.  So baby can stay put for at least a few more days, thankyouverymuch. 


Thank you for the well wishes, ladies.  I'm going to go lie down. 

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I've worn my guy in the ergo, and have a little pillow for him behind him....but you could also use a folded up blanket...

I'll take pictures


I hate the cradle hold in a sling, probably because none of my babies have ever liked that.


The ergo is very comfty right now... but then Ambrose has good head control.


I need to go to the dentist, I haven't gone at all this pregnancy and just really need to go! June when DH is finished with school will be the dr./dentist month... joy.


Cristeen, glad to hear the tooth is out! I had a dentist that would fill cavities without novacane, and it was preferable to the shot. If it isn't a deep cavity, the shot hurts worse then the drill and fill....

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Cristeen- glad you got that sorted! Wish you didn't have to go through it at all, obviously, but at least it's done and you can recover.


I haven't tried any sort of carry with any sort of carrier yet with Everett. Not sure when I'll try- maybe when he can go more than 5 minutes being held without crying and needing to nurse?

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VENT:  DD is suddenly bugging me to wash her sneakers.  Come to find out her father's girlfriend emailed her and told her they need to be washed before she comes for the summer.  WTF.  That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.  Now DD is all stressed out over it, because she's afraid she'll get in trouble if she doesn't wash them. This woman really annoys me.  Cuss.gif

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Originally Posted by persephassa View Post

That is a great idea idea about wearing him, if I can get the carrier sorted right smile.gif
Hug hold in moby (he slumps and his chin goes down, I guess I need to make it tighter!!), cradle hold/tummy to tummy in rs, and yeah, we have the infant insert and his head still slumps forward (I think that needs to be tighter, too). We have some friends coming over tomorrow, I hope they do baby wearing and have one of these so they can help with putting them on.... wink1.gif


I had a hard time with the Moby at first because it seemed liked he kept sinking down too low. The lady at the babywearing store told me to remember "high and tight" when wrapping it. Starting the wrap a little higher on my waist than what felt "normal" or looked "right" according to the videos I was watching on the internet ended up working great when he was a tiny newborn. Kept his head up a little more and he didn't slip down so quickly. I never got the hang of a ring sling with a newborn...although I loved it once I could sit him up and do a kangaroo/face out hold. We used a MT a lot that we loved, but it sounds like you have a bunch of carriers already! I liked my Becco (SSC similiar to Ergo) more for a slightly older baby when it didn't need the insert (although mostly because it got really hot that summer). Good luck! It sometimes just takes a lot of experimenting to figure out what works best for you.

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Cristeen - Glad to hear they fixed your tooth problem! I know the recovery isn't pleasant, but hopefully in a few days, it'll all be a bad memory.


BubbleMa - What's her problem? They're sneakers! They get dirty two seconds after you wash them anyway.


Oh lordy, I wanna have this baby tonight. I know I can't complain because it's still 10 days before my EDD, but oof, I am ready. A friend brought her 6 month old over today, and my son went crazy with talking to him and gently touching his belly and giving him gentle hugs. It was so adorable...made me so excited to see my two boys together.

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VENT:  DD is suddenly bugging me to wash her sneakers.  Come to find out her father's girlfriend emailed her and told her they need to be washed before she comes for the summer.  WTF.  That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.  Now DD is all stressed out over it, because she's afraid she'll get in trouble if she doesn't wash them. This woman really annoys me.  Cuss.gif


What?!   That's just crazy!

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Cristeen - I'm glad you got your tooth issue resolved.  Hopefully you're recovery will be short.  Get lots of rest!


Bubble - seriously??  If she wants the sneakers washed so badly she can do it herself.


Cookie - you and me both!!!  Come out babies!  I'm 39 weeks today so no room to complain, but seriously, let's get this show on the road.  DH tells me that instead of telling baby to come out I need to focus on opening up and letting go.  Sometimes he amazes me!


I spent way too much time actively teaching yesterday hoping it would get things moving.  So far the result has been that I am ridiculously sore today and can barely walk.  Oh well, it's nothing I haven't been through before.  I'm thinking about hosting a dance party at home tonight.  (DH is a dj.)

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Oh my goodness I have missed you mamas in the four days of post partum fog I'm slowly (slowly!) emerging from!
Cristeen - you lost a tooth?! So happy all is well now but so sorry for ordeal!
Bubble - WTF is all I can say on the sneaker thing.
Casmer - great on the BP
Wow, so much going on I can't really do individual replies can I?
Grace -- with our big boys born the same day after intense - fast and furious - labor I can relate to a lot of what you're posting.
I haven't tried any carrier yet either. I am a milk machine right now. Kai is a voracious nurser.
I haven't even gone for a walk yet.
My feet and ankles are finally not swollen.
My nipples are super sore and a bit cracked which worries me... Using lanolin.
I am sorry I've dropped the ball with the birth announcement! Maybe at the end of the month we can tally all our babes up and I will do one big update?

Hope everyone is doing well today!

Back to nursing ... smile.gif

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Cristeen- glad you got that sorted! Wish you didn't have to go through it at all, obviously, but at least it's done and you can recover.

I haven't tried any sort of carry with any sort of carrier yet with Everett. Not sure when I'll try- maybe when he can go more than 5 minutes being held without crying and needing to nurse?
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Rozzie - congrats on the milk supply!  I hope I'm just as lucky!


Cristeen - still thinking about you.  I hope you aren't in too much pain today.  I've heard the day after is always the worst :(


Cookie_ and Mlog - I'm still cooking too.  I'm not really *ready* for her to come yet (in the I'm not over being pregnant sense), but I would like her to come sooner than later.  I just really don't want to be induced - the thought is terrifying to me.  I'm one of those people that never goes to the doctor (except for well-woman exams) so all of this doctor stuff scares me.



Today DH is out doing some search and rescue training.  He was really nervous about going so close to our EDD, but I talked him into it.  Some guys at work were giving him a hard time about never having the time to do stuff like that after the baby gets here.  It's really important to me that he gets some time to himself.  He's naturally an introvert, so the fact that he has interests that involve people outside of work and family, is quite amazing to me - really he doesn't like people -LOL.  He seems much more balanced when he can do stuff outside of work and home.  My favorite is when he rock climbs because I can go watch or go hiking on the nearby trails.  Anyway, while he's doing that I'm alternating between sitting with my feet up and getting some sweeping done.  I love not having carpet, but the trade-off is lots of sweeping.  Ideally, the house would be swept twice a week.  That certainly has not been happening around here lately.  I feel like I've just been waiting for the babe to make her debut.  With the BP scare, I've really tried to tone my To-Do list down, which means not making one...feels nice.


I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing Saturday!

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still reading and sending love vibes. just cant chat much

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I think I post stuff, but must be taking too long before I push submit, so I think I post stuff, but then don't see it....



unless I am that out of it?!

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Yeah, things sure have been quiet around here lately.  Not that I've been posting...  And, the few I have have been totally self-centered.  I think I'm still kinda in that place.  I have no desire to call friends or family just yet, or email pictures of our baby.  I'm just kind of enjoying the nothingness that is right now.  Everything has been so crazy for so long, the calm is a little surreal.


Anyone heard from Maryam?  Anyone else teetering on the brink of labor?


Cristeen, that's so awful about your tooth!  I hope you've had an easier day of it.


Washing shoes?  Uhm, no.  I'd sooner buy her a new pair, lol.  I'm not doing any more than I absolutely have to right now.


Mlog-As introverted as I am right now, a party with dh sounds like fun.  No kids, no pg pains, nothing but me and dh and something entertaining.  I wonder if we will ever, ever have a date again.  Sigh.


Carriers-I, too, use the ergo with a receiving blanket folded under them, then let them froggy on top of that.   I had an infant insert, but sent it back when I tried it with my second baby.  It just made it all too cumbersome.  I do like the moby for this stage, but I tie it more like a pod or an onbu.  I'd recommend trying this first to get the hang of it:


1.) Find the center of your wrap and hold on to it. 

2.) Put baby on your upper chest, head turned to the side, legs froggied, or curled underneath.

3.) Put the center of the wrap on the middle of the baby's upper back, and spread it out like a blanket.  It should go from just below their neck to well past their bottom.

4.) Pull one end under your arm, around your back, and over the opposite shoulder.

5.) Repeat with the other end.

6.) Adjust the ends by first tightening the center section over the baby, and then pulling the corresponding end.  Tighten it fairly tight.

7.) Then just pull the ends under the babies bottom, and tie a knot there. 


Well, I think that's probably clear as mud, now that I reread it, but I'll leave it on the off chance it helps someone. :)

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I haven't heard from Maryam... I left her a message a few days ago to check up on her but haven't heard anything back.  I know she was facing induction if things didn't start moving along, so she may still be in the hospital.  Or just enjoying her babymoon.  I know she had family in town. 


I may not get a few days to heal.  This morning walking around the farmer's market contractions started.  Total deja vu, since i was at the mkt when I went into labor with DS.  They've been sporadic but strong all day long, definitely increasing with activity.  And I've had this really strange feeling that I can't explain all day that my water is going to break at any minute.  No sign of it yet, but I've also been nesting today like mad.  So everything's pointing to this being the end of the road for us.  I was hoping for a few more days to heal and be able to get off the Tylenol every 4 hours, but I'm not there yet, and may not have the days it'll take.  I'll keep you ladies posted. 

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Maryam had her baby!  I saw it on Facebook.  I'll let her fill in the details when she's ready.  :)


Cristeen, it sounds like it's close!  :)


As for carriers, so far I like the mei tai the best.  It's the easiest for me to do by myself, and it's the most comfortable.  :)


I ended up throwing the sneakers in the washer last night.  Only because DD had already soaked them.  Today the girlfriend sent me a list of things to pack.  rolleyes.gif  It's long and detailed.  And really annoying.  I don't need to be told how to pack for MY daughter.  thankyouverymuch. 

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Checking back to say hi everyone! smile.gif
Cristeen I've been thinking of you! So sorry about the whole tooth thing. I hope it's feeling better soon! Sounds like you might be welcoming your LO sooner rather than later. Here's Hoping for a smooth, easy birth! Goodness knows you deserve it!!

We're still very much in new-baby chaos mode. The shift from two kids to three is crazy. And we've only been home from the hospital for one full day.
I haven't had a chance to sit down and write out dd3's birth story yet...it was definitely a whirlwind. Still rehashing r with dh because i think he remembers more than I do.
And as for baby...she is so amazing. I know it's hormones partly but good grief...all I want to do is hold her and smell her and look at her all day long. smile.gif
My milk came in today and my boobs (which were already a bit raw and sore) now feel like they'll explode and...new to this baby, I'm also leaking milk all the time. Which is double awesome since I didn't think to buy any breastpads. smile.gif

Anyway...still lurking a lot reading everyone elses stories and birth announcements and eagerly awaiting more new arrivals. My thoughts are with all you moms still waiting for your babies. I know it seems crazy...but I do feel some sense of loss not being pregnant and wish I had been more deliberate about relishing my last few days of pregnancy...

Hugs to everyone! smile.gif have a lovely Sunday!
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Congrats maryam! Hoping it all went smoothly.
Just 1- that description was quite clear I thought. Basically you put the stretchy wrap on like a woven wrap. With both stretchy and woven I put the ends over my shoulders, put baby in, and then tie and tighten around baby.
Bubble- that gf would drive me insane! What gall!
Rozzie- I'm comforted that you are feeling how I'm feeling, but it definitely isn't a ton of fun for either of us.

I am feeling distinctlyb cranky today. I finally started feeling human again yesterday and managed to get a few things done- laundry, swept floors, etc. And then all of a sudden dh went into this total doom and gloom funk. He wouldn't talk to the kids if he could avoid it, did something at bedtime that had my w year old shreiking because daddy scared him, and refused to get out of bed with the older kids (I've been sleeping in with the baby- I feel 1 week of postpartum sleeping in is not too much to ask!). he is also gone playing ultimate frisbee for the next three evenings (3:30 pm til sometime late), which I agreed was fine last month when he signed up and am now not fine with....unless he's still in this mood, in which case i'd prefer him gone.

Feeling cabin fever-ish. Sick of being in the house. My milk is in, which I thought would make Everett happy, but he still cries and cluster-feeds. Last night he nursed pretty much straight from 4-9 pm. If he wan't nursing he was screaming. Every day is still so different so I have trouble saying yes we will go out anywhere in case its a screamy day or a nonstop nursing day. Ah, newborns.
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That sounds rough Atraia. :(  I hope things even out soon.  hug2.gif

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Hi ladies.


I am so close to tears all the time now.


Baby just does not want to come naturally.  I have never gone into labour naturally and I am being induced on Tuesday.  I tried everything in the book to make this baby come, but nothing is working.  All I am left with is a very painfull leg (from walking for mile, I am not actually supose to walk much due to a very bad injury I susstained 3 years ago in a car crash).  I feel like such a failure for not being able to get things going and yet again having to be induced.


I have been taking EPO, I tried castor oil (does not make me too sick, used it before with my son), sex, walking nipple stimulation.  I am getting contractions but they are not going anywhere, I have lost my mucus plug, no painfull contractions.  What else can I do?  Dr wont let me walk past Tuesday due to a very mature placenta and very low amniotic fluid levels.  She said it is just not worth the risk of carrieng him any further as he is not growing optimally with the low fluid levels any way.


I am 38 weeks and 2 days.

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