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first baby?

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Just wanted to announce that my EDD July 2nd baby arrived Monday, May 7th! She was delivered @ 32 weeks via emergency C-section after 6 weeks of hospital bedrest for severepreeclampsia. She weighed 4 lbs 12 oz and was 18 inches long.

The whole experience will take some healing on all levels but our beautiful daughter Jahara Arabella is amazing. She is in the special care nursery (another heartbreaker to come home w/o her) but already off vent and iv. My milk came in right away joy.gif and she is thriving.

SENDING LOVE AND LIGHT to all you mamas for your final weeks.

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Oh wow! Congrats on your new baby girl!

I am glad she seems to be doing well for coming so early. I hope the time in the hospital goes fast and she is home with y'all really soon.

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Agreed, I hope she is home with you as soon as possible and so glad she is doing well! CONGRATULATIONS!! joy.gif

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Congrats on your baby. Wishing you lots of good health and happiness.

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CONGRATS on your special delivery!  :)  So glad she is thriving and that your milk came in so quickly!  Keep us posted!

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Congratulations on your baby girl! Welcome Jahara Arabella. She sounds like a good sized baby to me! And such good news on your milk coming in and that she is thriving and that she is already off the vent and I.V. That is awesome! I am sending warms thoughts and hope she will be home soon!

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Congratulations mama!

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Congratulations! Sorry things got scary and that all the healing is needed, but I hope that happens quickly and that she's home in your arms soon.
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Congratulations! I hope you are able to bring her home soon!  We want to see pictures!

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Awww, congratulations! I hope she's home with you soon! :) joy.gif

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Congratulations on a thriving preemie! I know how scary it can be. I'm sure she will be in your arms in your own home in a few short weeks!
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Congratulations on your new baby! Enjoy her!!

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Congratulations!  Welcome to the first baby of the group! :)

I hope she gets to come home soon.

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Aww!!!  Congratulations!  I'll keep you and Baby Jahara in my prayers.  <3

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Congrats on your little baby!  She will be home with you before you know it.

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How are ya'll doing, Jodi?

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