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Two weeks ago ds (nearly 5 yrs old) had a good fever for a good 3-4 days. His only other symptom was that his throat was sore and when he was playing Wii with my mom he told her that "his cheeks were having growing pains". Since then he's been sort of mumbley. I thought he still has some throat inflammation but was definitely wondering why it was lasting so long. Yesterday morning he was so mumbley that we couldn't understand anything he said the first time. That's when it struck me that this was not an ear or throat thing, this was the mumps. 

He doesn't have chipmunk cheeks and he's not terribly sore when he chews. His upper jaw/ear was bothering him more yesterday too. Today he is a little less mumbley. Is this just a long drawn out mild case of the mumps? No testicular swelling or abdominal pain. Mostly just affecting his voice/annunciation.

He is not vaxed and I am keeping him home from school now.
What's funny is that I noticed a lot of little babies/kids were having a similar three day fever two weeks ago when he had it... but it's fair for me to assume that those children were all vaccinated.