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Morning Sickness & Baby's Sex

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Moms of 2+ kids: how have your pregnancies compared re: morning sickness and the sex of your babies?  Have any of you experienced very different pregnancies and yet had 2 girls or 2 boys?


When I was pregnant with our daughter, I was so sick - I threw up all day long from week 9 - 26 (probably, in hindsight, should have been hospitalized).  This time, I feel nauseated constantly, but haven't thrown up at all yet (I'm almost 11 weeks now).  I know there are some studies that show morning sickness can be worse with girls (like this one), so I'm wondering if it means this babe is a boy.   [Also, there are studies showing higher hcg levels indicate a girl, and my hcg levels were almost double in my first pregnancy what they were this go-'round, which furthers my "boy" hypothesis this time].


I'd love to hear your stories about how you experienced morning sickness and how that related (if at all) to the sexes of the babies you were carrying.

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AFM, it is super tough to say that gender plays a role...with DD1 I have absolutely no morning sickness, with DD2 my faced was glued to the porcelain throne for the first 16 weeks, with DS I had intermittent morning sickness, and with this little one I have the worst morning-scratch that-ALL DAY sickness I have ever had headscratch.gif lol so I have no clue.

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I had awful ms with both of my DDs.  With first DD it lasted until week 20 and with DD2 it quit right about week 14.  I had also heard that terrible ms means girls.  I had major aversions to meat with both of them.  This time around, I still have terrible ms, but meat is one of the only things that sounds good when I feel up for eating.  We were wondering if maybe that means boy this time around.  Who knows?  I know quite a few gals who had awful ms with boys and girls, and one of my good friends had no ms and has one boy and one girl.  What a mystery...

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I felt EXACTLY the same with dd and ds. I was sick with both from about week 7 to about week 17. I thought for sure ds was a girl because I have heard the wive's tale too. This time, I am only really nauseous when I am hungry. Who knows what this one will be?

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My pregnancies are all very similar. The sex of the embryo plays no anecdotal role here.

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I was way sicker with my DD than my boys. But I know plenty of moms who couldn't tell a difference. 

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My first son I had almost no sickness at all, in fact I think I gained like 15 lbs in the first trimester thanks to a huge spike in appetite! 


My second son on the other hand...oh God...I had the WORST nausea from the second I peed on a stick until week 26!!  I was convinced he was a girl because the pregnancies were so incredibly different..but definitely not!  If anything, he's more stereotypically "boyish" than my first son (which holds no weight with me...but just interesting to see the difference!) 


This time so far I've had 2 weeks of horrible nausea, but I'm feeling pretty good right now.  Still have some crazy food aversions though...I have to force myself to eat most days!

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I would say that it seems like overall I threw up more with my girls, and I also had a lot of acne.  However, that study you had up there sounds like they compared those who were hospitalized with those who are not...having to be hospitalized is pretty severe.  Most of us never have to go through that so I don't know if we can compare our experiences to that.  I had some level of morning sickness/nausea with all of the pregnancies though.

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The old wives tale is that girls cause more morning sickness but I didn't find that to be true. My first pregnancy, a boy, was much, much worse.

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