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I am due around the beginning of August, late July.  I lost my job because of a pregnancy issue and got put on Medicaid, which does not cover homebirth or CPM. I can't afford out of pocket midwives now, so I am having my baby in a hospital. The hospital is letting me bring in a tub of my own to labor in after I discussed it with the manager of L&D department. I can't really afford a new one, and most rentals around here are close to the 200$ it would cost to buy one. I am looking to borrow, buy used, or even go in halfsies with another mommy due after me or something for a birth pool.  This is a hugely important thing to me, and I really do not want to have to open a credit card or something for a new one when I can find a used one. I know the kiddie pools are great, but for a birth in a hospital it would be better for me to use an actual birth pool to show the hospital how good it is to have a birth pool available for women who ask for one. I am going to Berger, and live in Pickaway County. If anyone has any resources for me besides renting from CHOICE because I already asked them, please let me know! I appreciate it!

I'm in Ashville, Ohio 43103, by the way.

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Actually, when Greene Memorial did Water Births, they used the kiddie pools, and I believe MVH in the regular L&D is using the kiddie pools.


As for an inexpensive rental no clue, I have not looked in over 2 years, but I think I found some you can purchase for around $100-$150 with shipping..and you could also check e-bay.

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