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It sucks! It's still here and heavy! It's like my uterus is making up for the 18 months without a period with this one. Blergh
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I am going to keep reviving this post partum thread... maybe I will stop when they turn one!
But - does anyone else out there have an umbilical hernia? I think they are actually there your whole life - a little hole in the stomach muscle - and something like pregnancy stretches them out... I ended up with one after my FIRST.
And I never did anything about it. Basically all that happened was that my belly button poked out during pregnancy and never ever went back in.
Now, with my second, it feels much worse. Nothing extreme or really painful, but I feel like my stomach isn't just dealing with the diastis. In fact, I feel like the diastis is healed pretty much. And the hernia is what's screwing with me now.
Ugh. Such battle scars. But my belly is really weird and I am constantly having to push my belly button back in.
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I dunno about the hernia, but I used to have a VERY extreme innie belly button, and since this about week 3 of this last pregnancy it's been a permanent outie. I also have a diastis that I am doin absolutely nothing to try to fix (keep saying, "I need to get on that!" and then doing nothing about it), but I don't think they're related at all. I think even once it heals it'll be permanently outie. 

I don't think that helps at all- but I get what you're saying!

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Yeah, I just feel like my stomach is a huge mess, even with the diastis getting better. I hope I won't need hernia surgery! But I do think I should probably see a Dr. Ugh.
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