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Atlanta options

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With my last baby (June 2009) I delivered with ISIS at N Fulton, a nearly perfect natural birth. When Margaret and Anjli left to start Intown Midwifery, I always assumed I would follow them there.




I'm 14 weeks now, and have already had three appointments (two with Intown, one with Dr Bootstaylor for an ultrasound) and the drive is just miserable. I have yet to make it in under an hour. Once it took me over an hour and a half. I have to come with my daughter, and there's no one else to watch her or help me take care of her. And, of course, the wait times at Intown are pretty bad. So that means I'm trying to entertain a nearly-3-year-old and keep her out of trouble for about 3 hours straight every time I go down there. I love Intown in theory, but I just don't know if I can do it for the rest of the pregnancy, especially as the appointments start to be more frequent.


So who do you recommend that's closer to me? I'm NW of the city in Cherokee County. Homebirth isn't an option for me (last time all I wanted to do was leave the house - I hated laboring at home), and I'm pretty sold on midwives. So who is my best bet?


Thanks in advance. :-)

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I understand not wanting to make the trip downtown. I had a natural birth with Isis as well at North Fulton hospital - the nurses helped me get through that well!

Have you already been to see Kim at Isis? She is the midwife there for the last couple of years. She's great! I saw good reviews everywhere on her so I went in to see her. She runs on time, yet she spent plenty of time with me. She even gave me her direct cell number to call her if I had any issues. all her info is on their webpage at isisobgyn.com.

A little while ago I also came across a site atlantamidwifery.com. I think they list all the midwives delivering at North Fulton Hospital. they have photos and bios, etc...

Good luck in your search for someone closer and with less of a wait. greensad.gif
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I'm also in Cherokee county, and thinking we will try for a home birth with our final baby. Still in the planning stages, hoping to start really trying in the next couple of months. I really wanted to go to intown and the new birth center, but the drive scares me as well. Let me know what you find out here though!

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I'm seeing Kim at Isis currently. I went to Intown Midwifery with my first pregnancy and the wait times were horrendous.  And the customer service from the office staff was pretty bad too. I'm very happy with Isis and North Fulton is planning to construct a birth center over the next year or so, if that's something you're looking for. I'm planning to water birth and North Fulton is one of only a couple hospitals that offer that.  

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