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:( Incontinence?

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Hi Mummas,


TMI alert!

So over the past few weeks I have been having little "leaks" at times.. I hadnt connected it all together until last night. I was sitting in a way that squashed my bladder (which wasnt full) and I wet myself :( Wow I feel attractive!

It has been happening after a wee.. I just stop and wipe and pull my pants up only to dribble.

It happens AFTER i sneeze/couch/vomit, not while I am sneezing etc....? Like a good 5-10 seconds after I sneeze?

Anyone else getting this?

It has never happened before! I have ramped up my Kegels but I really never thought I would have this problem... 




Edited: PS I am nearly 9 weeks if that matters?

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ah, yes, it sucks. it will likely get better during the second tri when your uterus moves up off your bladder, and then come back late in pregnancy. i peed myself daily the last two months of my first pregnancy, so i'm expecting to again. get some comfy panty liners and try not to think about it? also, some of what may feel like pee might be all the excess pregnancy cervical mucous. not that that's any better.

funny story, i talked to another mama waiting at the OB's office with my first preg, and she said she woke in the middle of the night thinking her water broke because the bed was soaked. she woke her husband and made him call work and say he'd not be in because they were having a baby. they went to the hospital only to discover she'd peed the bed. so then her husband had to explain that to his bosses when he showed up for work after all. .....so i count myself lucky to only get drips lol.

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I had my first exp. with this two nights ago. I was taking my pre-natal and it got caught in my throat, triggering my very sensitive gag reflex. First vom. of the pregnancy, accompanied by a good amount of pee in DH's pajama pants that I've been stealing and wearing. Oops. I am also nine weeks.

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I definitely second the kegels...definitely a good idea to keep it up.  I generally find that the panties get really wet and I do use the pantiliners as well in other parts of pregnancy.  However, I don't know if that's urine or just excessive discharge?  I definitely (having had a lot of kids here) will do a kegel to 'hold it in' if I am going to sneeze, etc. with a full bladder.  


I have one of those kegel exercisers here (really helped me isolate kegels and do them more effectively), I have the gyneflex.  However I've heard great things about the newer automated ones that stimulate the muscles on their own.  I might treat myself to one of those after this one is born!  The one I've heard of is the kegel 8, I've heard some women on this board recommend that one.

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his is an interesting article on why kegels aren't truly effective for treating incontinence. You need to do squats and core work, not just kegels. For some women kegels will 'work' because their pelvic floor isn't that stretched out or weak, but for many women, especially post partum, kegels are not the answer. I saw significant improvement once I addressed my pelvic floor weakness in yoga and with targeted exercises vs. just doing kegels.

Definitely get some soft mamacloth liners for pregnancy because the extra fluids will continue throughout pregnancy ; )

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