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alternative to Bob Books

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I was looking for an alternative to the Bob books which seem great for building confidence (at least the first few).  Then I came across something called "McGuffey's Eclectic Readers" boxed set which includes a Primer through a Sixth book. They sound great.  I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them as a supplement or part of a homeschool learning to read program?

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They are okay.


You have to be very careful which version you get, because some of them are just too much.  I'm a Christian, and all the "God hates sin, you're going to hell you lousy sinner for the littlest mistake" gets real old, real fast.  And, totally not appropriate for younger audiences.  (Well, or even for older ones...)  We have one that has a story that goes on and on about a boy who drank too much and gets a really red face, and then gets really sick.  I don't remember if he dies at the end?  Anyway, just not necessary. 


I have read through other versions with other publication dates, and, while not secular, they stick to more concrete literature of the times.  I find those to be very good.  I'm sorry I can't remember which is which, and I can't get to our books right now.  I understand them to be free on the net in various places.  Perhaps a google search can bring some up for you to peruse?

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I just checked on amazon and they are free on kindle.  And, the kindle app can be downloaded free to an android, iphone, ipod, or a desktop. So...there ya' go. :)

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I haven't used those, but I'd recommend you check out progressivephonics.com  -- adorable readers that you can download for free.  

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Yeah, I had the chance to thumb through them the other day at a homeschool cirriculum swap and in 5 miutes I ran across condemnation and stereotypes galore.  In some ways they looked nice - and I've been thinking about them for a while - but I was not comfortable with the content.



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Oh, thank you. That is good to know.

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thank you! That's helpful!

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For what you are going for (confidence building) we liked the "I See Sam" books.  I believe the first few levels are available free via download.  http://www.marriottmd.com/sam/index.html  However, we always purchased them from: http://www.3rsplus.com/ because my dd liked reading a "book" vs something I printed off.  Additionally, I figured that I would use all the levels (which I did).  We have also liked the readers from All About Spelling.  We have the "Cobweb Cat" and "Queen Bee".



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Starfall has a nice set of readers.   They match the "books" that you can read at the website, animated, so the child has the option to read along in their book while using the computer, or read the books alone later.

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I bought a bunch of the "Now I'm Reading" books as an alternative to the BOB books. They get great reviews. My son is totally against any encouragement to read so we haven't done these together. However, I do find them left here and there throughout the house so I don't know if he's reading them on his own. They come in several levels. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=now+i%27m+reading

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