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To do before the baby list...

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So, Ill be 20 week on Saturday! Where has the time gone.. Im starting to get a list together of what needs to get done before the baby gets here. I figured it might be nice for a place to encourage each other in the baby prep :) Im working on my list today, so Ill post it when I get done.

Anyone else doing a "to do before the baby" list?

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This is so my kind of thing to do.  I have a lot of crafty projects that I'm hoping to get done, but I don't want to obsess with doing them all because I don't think it's realistic. I think this will really help me to balance with the real logistics that need to happen too.  We're moving in two weeks, so a lot will have to do with that at first. 

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I'll be 20 weeks on Thursday! :-) 


Since we found out we're having a 2nd girl, I want to pull out all the old clothes from the attic and organize them better by size and LABEL the bins. I want to reorganize and weed out my clothes to free up some drawer space in my armoir to use for baby clothes for now. The clothes are so little, we don't really need another dresser yet. 


The biggest thing on my list is trying to get DD out of our bed! She's over 3 so it's sort of time - I want more space now anyway. Not exactly sure how we'll be going about this. LOL. 


I need to hire a doula to take care of DD during the birth. 


And then I just need a few odds and ends:  a boppy, better swing, and all my herbs and medicines to help boost my low milk supply. Oh and some wool longies. Pondering a cheap changing table for in my room. 


Pick out a name! :-)


That's about it!



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Well I'm 17 weeks, so the first thing for me is to actually make a list - ha ha! It's been floating around in my mind, so I'll happily get some ideas from this thread :)

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OMG. Me! This is totally me right now. I have an ongoing list right now of things that need to be done before Babe arrives...and since we're planning a UC, that means completed by 36 weeks on the button for me. (just in case) To complicate things beyond all else, we're moving in a month and a half three states away! And, in case you all forgot, we're the ones who've been traveling pretty much this entire time, so ALL of my old baby stuff is stored halfway across the country in my mother-in-laws basement in no good order for shipping. Sigh. I'm starting to get very tense about all that needs to get done since it feels like I can't really do anything beside knit and sew until we actually settle two months from now! 


But, roughly, 


*buy a car (lol, our old one is a piece of crap and heavy on the unsafe side these days)


*get on skype with family and 'help' them sort through our old baby items and have what's needed shipped down

*order cloth diapers, covers

*buy a rocker

*buy a baby swing or bouncy chair of some sort

*redo the cover of our old infant carseat or else buy new...depends on whether or not it's worth it to ship down. 

*finish long list of knitting projects for Baby

*finish long list of sewing projects

*gather supplies for birth/UC

*try to hire a doula (doubtful about this one since it's a UC)

*put together a three-binder notebook of 'how-tos' for the hubby and myself for situations that might arise during the birth so that there's a very easy and quick reference I trust. 

*Stock the freezer with LOTS of meals before birth

*have childcare for son figured out for birth

*since we'll be new to our area, I also have added attend La Leche League/birth network once we move so that I can start meeting like-minded mamas before the new arrival and get ds and I involved in something regular...either a music class or waldorf class or something that we can maintain after Babe arrives and use as a way to get him involved with some other kids. 


and that's about all, but still. It seems like a lot. 

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I really need to get my list written out and give myself and dh some due dates/ weekly goals if I'm going to get things done in time.  I've been knitting a little obsessively, but there are lots of other things that need to happen around here too!  I need to make some room in this apartment for the baby, which means cleaning out our bedroom and changing the furniture layout a bit to make room in there for some baby things and  changing more things in DS's room to get it ready to share with the baby too, plus the crafty decorating projects I want to finish in there before the baby comes.  Of course there's also all the sorting out of baby things, though, most of them are at my mom's house so I'm going to have to wait till she comes to see us in July to do much of that.  I think creating my list is going to be my goal for the end of the day tomorrow.

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I don't even know where to begin!! But we also have an almost 3 year old in our bed and I have no idea what we're going to do. I don't know what to do about a stroller, co-sleeper (in case DS is still in bed with us), and I have no idea what we'll do with DS when the baby is being born. Is it common to use a doula to look after another kiddo at the hospital/birth center?

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I wrote a list a long time ago bc I am so excited and somewhat neurotic!!! Lol

I am switching our master br to the guest br bc the guest is really supposed to be the master since it is downstairs and had its own bathroom. The nursery will be upstairs...but baby will be in our room for a long time anyway.

Then I have to make baby wipes and sort clothes etc....

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Zub: I'm thinking I might sidecar the crib that barely got used for DD if DD is still in our bed. I'm pondering a king bed but I really don't think we should spend the money. My friend gave us an aerobed twin that we set up next to our bed and had been transferring DD to after she fell asleep. But she got a hole in it by jumping on it! Thank you DH for allowing that! So now I don't know. We're thinking of putting her twin mattress from her room on our floor - but we don't want her loft bed to be totally unusable since she plays in it during the day. I thought about getting a cheap used twin frame for the crib mattress we have but DH thinks it's too small. So I am clueless since he keeps shooting me down! And as for the doula watching the kiddo. It's sort of our only option since we don't have family around and can't ask anyone to come hang out for 3 weeks. I have friends who could take her, but I want her to be able to be at the birth if she chooses. So I've emailed a doula list and got like 10 replies of people interested! Only now I am trying to go thru a doula training program and find a volunteer doula. If I don't find a volunteer, I'm set to meet with a great lady who has a 3 yr old son and is willing to do it for $300 and some eggs from our chickens. I think plenty of newer doulas would love to be at a birth - even if they aren't doing a totally normal role. Plus I thought maybe the doula could support me in earlier labor when DH was sort of useless last time and when I don't care so much if he isn't focused on me.



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oh Cindy...the King sized bed is sooooo worth the money! LOL. We would die without one the way ds sprawls across the bed! I remember some friends of ours turned their whole bedroom into one big bed because they had both kids still in bed with them. They just threw mattresses on box springs and pushed everything really close together so that one whole wall was a bed. It looked ridiculously comfortable. 


Right now ds is in our bed, but he has a LOT of interest in being in his own, and was for a bit before we started traveling. However, I know he's not ready to be out of the bed ALL night...he was creeping back in around 2am last time we had the room for him to sleep on his own. So, I'm thinking we'll probably throw a twin sized mattress down at the end of our bed...or maybe on the side...it'll sort of depend what our room situation is once we move. So long as he won't end up near me and the babe, I don't really care if he stays in the bed for a while longer, but we will need more room, so he'll need that extra space of a twin mattress. 

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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post

The biggest thing on my list is trying to get DD out of our bed! She's over 3 so it's sort of time - I want more space now anyway. Not exactly sure how we'll be going about this. LOL. 


Yeah me too!  DS is SIX AND WON'T GET OUT!!!!  His little brother is 2.5 and happily sleeps in his crib every night.  But big brother throws a fit if we even mention anything about him sleeping in his room/bed.  We've tried several things including moving his bed into our room . . .  even if I can get him to fall asleep in his bed he wakes up and comes back in my bed.  If I try to get him to go back to his room he starts throwing a fit. . . screaming, stomping on the floor, even scratching and hitting himself.  


I have had such a miserable experience co-sleeping with him that I want to encourage the new babe to sleep alone as much as possible.  

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I never got a chance to even think about a list yesterday or today. My kids are acting like little monkeys. I just took my 1 yo off the top bunk of the bunk beds because hes figured out how to climb the ladder (thanks to DD1 Im pretty sure, I kept telling her NOT to teach him that!). My husband leaves on Friday for a month so this should be interesting. I need to figure out what needs to get done..


Oh and Im obsessive about preparing. If I don't get it done, its not going to GET done.. then after the baby gets here I'm going to have to try to count on my husband. I love him but hes not the most reliable about about helping out past watching the kids. He doesn't mind a messy, disorganized house.

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Oh tips for older children wanting to co-sleep:

1) let them decorate their room..

2) special blankets.. I swear by them honestly. I made quillows (quilts that fold into pillows) for all three of my children. My oldest says she loves her since its like being wrapped in a mommy hug all night.

3) incentives for staying in their bed. Sounds bad I know but I can't sleep with more than 1 child in my bed (been there, tried that!) so with my oldest she had incentives for staying the night in bed/week in bed/month in bed etc. It only made it to a month then she was use to staying in her bed and went to bed without an issue. She is still allowed to come into our bed if she sick/scared/needs anything. Our room is always open but if I don't sleep at night I'm a bear in the morning

4) good bedtime routines if you don't have one. With us we always clean up/dress for bed, read scriptures as a family, family prayers, help the girls with their prayers then they both climb into their beds and I read them 2-3 chapters from a book (usually one of the Magic Tree House Books). If they are still up they look at a cloth or board book until they fall asleep (I use to let them look at regular books but pages were getting ripped out during the night so its now cloth or board only).

5) Realize its partly personality. My middle is perfectly happy with me coming into her room and reassuring her that everything is OK. When shes sick she wants to be left ALONE, she only sleeps in my bed if she has a nightmare and even then a lot of times she wakes up a couple hours later and returns to her bed. My youngest HATES sleeping with more than just me in bed so if DH is home he crawls off the bed and sleeps on the floor or sleeps in the girls room. Hes the most independent of my children sleep wise but the most clingy when hes awake. My oldest? Shes the hardest one. She is extremely, extremely sensitive. Anything can upset her, even the temperature wrong in the house. Shes super independent when shes awake but when she gets upset at night she has to have either me or DH to calm her down. Shes also very sensitive to my moods so if I am having trouble sleeping a lot of the time she will wake up and come into my room to cuddle. I swear she has a "mommy sensor" or something, she always knows when things are troubling me. She usually ends up in my bed a few times a month, I try to encourage her to return to her room unless she is obviously upset or sick.

6) Tell them if they want to be in your room they need to sleep on the floor (either in a bed or in a sleeping bag) and enforce it. Again sounds mean but co-sleeping needs to work for everyone, if it isn't then something needs to change.

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Thanks for the tips Okimom! I do think me might need to institute a sticker chart and rewards system. We have a great bed time routine - she just hates to be alone! I am going to pick up a toddler bed frame from my friend this afternoon - her daughter sleeps in a big bunk bed now. Hopefully the frame will be xtra cool bc her little friend used to sleep in it, in her own room, like a big girl. The frame will go next to my side of the bed. DH was going to put her to sleep in her own twin bed in her own room last night - instead, she was sprawled across my side of the bed when I went up to go to sleep. Major fail! LOL. 


Pinkbruise: 6? Ouch! What do people always say - well they won't be sleeping in your bed when they go off to college. I'm sure it feels like it to you sometimes!


I worked on some organizing and sorting of clothes last night. Man did it wear me out!! LOL!



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Could you try recording you reading stories and play it for her while shes sleeping? I did that as a short term solve with my middle. She was terrified that she was going to wake up and find me gone (DH had just deployed) so hearing my voice kept her calm. Took her a couple of weeks to realize that mommy was still around even if she wasn't there.

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I'm going to have to move ds to his own bed/room before the new babe comes too.  I honestly think he's at a great stage to start now, problem is we won't have anywhere to have even a separate mattress for him until we move in July.  We've been talking up his own room/bed in the meantime though.  He is pretty well night weaned now, and stopped waking up in the wee hours for a snuggle a couple of weeks ago.  He now wakes at about 7ish to snuggle and sometimes he falls back asleep for an hour, sometimes he just gets up for the day.  We're also having problems with him wetting the bed.  He was potty trained during the day almost a year ago, but I was too chicken to get rid of the night diapers for a long time, even though he was doing really well.  Keeping the night diapers backfired on me, he started using them every single night, until I quit them cold turkey.  He was doing great for a while, as long as I took him potty a couple hours after he went to bed.  Now even when I do this, he still wets the bed in the morning as he's waking up a couple times a week.  I'm so tired of pee getting on my comforter.  I've been more vigilant about taking him when I notice him stirring in the morning, and it helps lessen the number of messes, but I really want him to be more independent with the nighttime/morning pottying before babe gets here.  I'm not going to hear him stirring in another room, and I don't want to be up cleaning up his bed a few times a week while I'm night nursing a newborn.  I try not to shame him about, I just clean up and remind him he needs to get up to use the potty when it's time in the morning.  Now he's started saying things like, "I like to pee in the bed!" or "I pee on the sheets, I like to change the sheets".  I don't know if he's just trying to get a rise out of me or what, but it's not cute!

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Angel- my middle still has issues with bed wetting and shes been potty trainin for almost 2 years. I have no clue how to stop it but its getting better. Just to warn you, he might start up again after the baby gets here. My middle was accident free during the day time and started having accidents again after the birth of brother. Regressions are pretty typical when a new baby is born.

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My 3 yr old has been day trained for a yr but still sleeps in diapers. She just does not wake up to go. We got rid of dipes after she was waking up dry most nights - managed to go a couple weeks without an accident. But then she started wetting the bed almost daily. No fun waking up in a puddle of someone esle's pee! So we went back to diapers as long as she is in our bed. And now she wakes up wet every morning. I have no idea how to teach her to wake up and go - she just doesn't wake up. 


Well DD slept in her new fire engine bed all night last night! Fell asleep in it (with me on my bed next to her) and stayed in it until 6 - then came and snuggled with us. Definitely a great first night! I know not to get my hopes up just yet though. LOL. 


I just saw someone post a free changing table on a birth group I'm on. I'm hoping to snag it!! 



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you know, back to those tips about older children cosleeping. Now that I think about it, I sewed ds a rainbow pillow on a whim a while back. As soon as it was done, he started talking up making his 'own' bed. lol. I also had a baby blanket I'd made him before he was born that we'd never ever used, and once he started talking like that, I gave it to him as his own special blanket for his bed. lol Maybe that was the trigger after all. 


He also got really sick...poop everywhere sick and after we'd woken up two nights in a row with bathroom problems, we moved him to the end of our bed on a little cushion so that it was an easier run to the bathroom. He's been potty-trained since 15 months, so by this point, he's actively distraught if he has an accident, so I think he somehow associated having his own bed as a way to stay clean and prevent accidents. lol Because he refused to start off the nights in our bed after that illness and only went back to sleeping only in our bed when we started all this traveling. 


For myself, I really truly don't have a problem with ds in the bed for a while longer, but I def. enjoy it when he starts off sleeping somewhere else and I get all that wonderful space to myself when I'm first getting to sleep. I also worry about having an infant in the bed with us the way ds flails around. Esp. as my hubby keeps late hours, so it'll be just me as the barrier until much later in the night. But, I'm sure that getting him a little twin bed alongside hubby's side of the bed will work well enough for us. I just wish we were moved already so we could be working on this sleeping arrangement NOW rather than with three months to go!

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We just moved a few weeks ago and I am just now finally getting some energy back so there are many boxes waiting to be unpacked and lots of organizing that needs to happen. I think a checklist will be helpful because I keep thinking of it as the big picture of EVERYTHING that needs doing and then I just want to hide and take a nap. Breaking it down into tasks might be a bit less overwhelming.


*Purchase double stroller

*Get two diono radians (only way to fit three across in my car and avoid purchasing a car until after I return back to work)

*Get newborn/small prefolds and covers from sister, buy additional prefolds and covers

*get a second bouncy seat

*get a second baby hammock

*start sewing recycled longies and shorties from the sweaters I bought at goodwill

* find box with the sweaters I purchased from goodwill

*trade/sell some of my mei tais and wraps for a couple ring slings and longer wraps to wear two

*get rocker restored and find ottoman to go with it

*go through all the bins of baby clothing and take inventory of what I have and what I need

*redo bedroom layout so we can sidecar a twin mattress between bed and wall (my 5 year old sleeps in her room now, but comes to our bed at about 5-6 am for some snuggles before the day begins. I kinda of love it and hope a twin plus queen bed will allow for family snuggle time.)

*figure out a way to get another hypnobabies workbook (I have the cds, but our storage was flooded last year during Irene and the workbook is a goner)

*unpack two boxes a day from the nonessential pile in the shed

*get new tubing kit for breast pump

*start attending LLL meetings again

*figure out what the heck I am going to use for bottles/breast milk storage and purchase

*get some baby clothes storage/dresser

*start compiling healthy freezer meal recipes and eventually cook them

*get deep freezer from mother's basement


That's what I've got for now.

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