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Doctor Switch?

Poll Results: Would you switch?

  • 25% (1)
    Yes, I would call the new practice today.
  • 25% (1)
    Maybe, wait and see if they call back
  • 50% (2)
    No, Give her another shot.
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Hi Ladies -


I need an opinion as I'm undecided about what to do.


When my 1st child was born, I had wonderful OBGYN's in Virginia whom I adored.  We moved and when I was pregnant with #2, I used a fantastic midwife practice and had a very nice, unmedicated hospital birth.  When I found I was pregnant this time, I went to make an appointment with the midwives and found that they had closed the practice.  My insurance does not cover any of the other midwives in town, so I went with an OBGYN who is new to the area, but I'm told is very naturally minded.  She's actually a NaPro practitioner if anyone is familiar with that technology.


Anyway, I made my first appointment with her, and they rescheduled me three times before I finally saw her at about 13 weeks. (one of the times was because of a family emergency). My 2nd appointment has now been rescheduled twice.  I was supposed to see her yesterday at 11:30, but they called me about 9am and told me that she was doing an  emergency surgery and they needed to reschedule my appointment.  Annoying, but ok.  The nurse then said that she would call me later in the day to reschedule.  I never got a call.  


I called this morning and was told that they were still not rescheduling because they had not yet heard from the doctor or management as to what to do about the Dr.'s schedule.  Curious.    They said I would get a call early afternoon.  Well, it's now 2:00 and I have not yet received a call.


What would you do?  I'm tempted just to switch to another practice.  I really liked this doctor, but she is very young (probably just 30) and I'm thinking she really wants to be a NaPro surgeon and not do OB work - at least, that's the impression that I got when I met with her the 1st time.  Maybe this is a sign that I should just move on?



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I think I would wait for that next appointment to happen and then voice my concerns exactly as you did in your post directly to the doc. She will either admit that her focus isn't OB work (which would probably mean you should switch) or she'll reassure you and you will be in a position where she will make an effort to not let you feel let down like that again. at least that would be my guess...

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Have you talked to your insurance? Sometimes they will give you an in-network waiver if they don't have anyone in their network who can provide the services you need.


I'd also figure out what the cost of a midwife birth would be. Is it merely out of network or is it not covered at all.


This ob sounds like either the office is poorly managed or she/he is overbooked.

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Is it a multi doc practice?  Is she on her own?  Also, I might ask to speak with the office manager at this point and ask what is going on. 

Doesn't sound well managed to me.  Good luck?

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This doctor is on her own.  After a bunch of researching yesterday and talking to friends who are also her patients, I have decided to switch.  It seems my concerns about her skipping town to do surgeries in other areas are pretty valid.  I'm not the only one who has had several appointments cancelled.  I talked to her nurse this morning to have my records switched over and she had this sound in her voice like I wasn't the first one this week....


It's a shame because I was very excited about going to a doctor who honored my wishes for a very natural pregnancy, childbirth, fertility care and who shares my pro-life views and does not perform any abortions.  But alas, if she's flaky, I don't want to be her patient.  

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I'd probably find someone else. She seems a bit flaky and you don't want to deal with that when it comes time to deliver the baby.


I agree with what JudiAU said. Try calling your insurance and ask for a GAP extension or waiver for a midwife in your area. I did that with my last baby. Since they don't cover anyone nearby, they will usually give you a waiver for someone in your area that covered are in network prices.

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Hmm, that practice sounds awfully flaky. Makes you wonder how she actually attends births if she can't even see her patients beforehand. If you have any doulas in your area, I would try reaching out to them and asking for OB referrals. Most should have a couple that they recommend. 


It's important to have a dr who is on board with your plans and supportive of natural childbirth. Maybe call and ask the office how often her back ups have to attend her births. If there is a good chance she won't even make it to the birth, I'd say you might be better off with a new dr that you can build a good repertoire with.

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