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$35 (USD) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
Moby D Lightly Used

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This was my "dress" Moby so it didn't get much use. It is in very nice condition! If you are not familiar with the Moby D it is very similar to the regular Moby wraps but there is a center panel of contrasting fabric. This is decorative as well as functional as it helps hold a bit heaver child if needed. The Moby Ds also have all of the edges turned under where as the regular Moby just has the raw edges surged/stitched. The Moby D is also made so that when you wrap it the knot ends up at your side and not in your back thus eliminating the "tail" look when carrying your baby.


Please let me know if you have any questions. Postage is included in the price. I'll ship anywhere in the continental US for free.