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Have I been reading this right?

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As you've probably read in another thread, I've been debating the tetanus vax for my 4 year old. She goes fishing a lot and is outside a lot and I'm paranoid about a rusty, dirty fish hook, stepping on something at home or school, etc. It's the one disease that gives me anxiety right now.  So, I know now that if i get her the vax now, I'd have to pretty much give her 4 dtaps. BUT, I've been reading a few of the vaccine catch up schedules and some of them say if you're not "up to date" at 7, you can get a one time does of Tdap. Is that right? I really don't want to give her 4 vaccines, but I would be much more likely to be ok with just giving her one vaccine at age 7. If she's had NOTHING, would she really only need one dose of Tdap? It sounds a little too good to be true, and I kinda think that maybe I'm misreading because some of the wording on some of the catch up schedules is a little confusing to me. Thanks for all of your help! :)

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The CDC's catch up schedule for starting at age 7 or older is one dose of Tdap and two doses of Td. If you don't want the pertussis portion, it would be three doses of Td.


To ease your anxiety, did you know there are only about 30 cases of tetanus in the U.S. per year? Most are in people over 40 and heroin users.


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TD is sold in a thimerosal-preserved multi-use vial.  You may want to research that option further, make sure you are not giving a thimerosal-preserved version.

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Amazing! I have/had the exact same question! But there is a pediatric DT available for under age 7. She would only need 3 doses of it. It does have a trace thimerasol but much less Al than DTaP. And if you were to use DTaP just for the tetanus and not pertussis, you should only need 3 as well. So the choices are 3 of DTaP or 3 of pediatric DT for under age 7. I compared the ingredients on another thread. I'm considering the same issue as you are...Tetanus is the only VPD I seriously get worked up about.
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But I did not think that if I waited too long (after 7) the only choice is adult DT? I had no idea it was still full of thimerasol. I guess that means I (and you) need to make a decision about tetanus vaccination in the next few years before they turn 7....
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I meant adult TD.
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And I agree the wording choices on the catch up schedules are very confusing. The one dose of Tdap after age 7 is just for pertussis protection. They still need 3 doses of a tetanus containing vaccine to be considered immune to tetanus (for 10 years that is.)
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No rush I think. I just did a quick google and found MassBiologic (a subsidiary of Merck) has an adult Td in single dose vials with the same "trace" .3 mcg of thimerasol as the pediatric version. So no concerns of a multidose vial with 25 mcg. Taximom, where did you get that info from?
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Anyone else want to chime in? Now that I've decided we are not rushing to do a pertussis vax for DD I feel like we have more time to create a tetanus immunization plan for her. That's still really the only vax I'm 100% sure I'd like her to get. But like the OP I want to really research my options first.
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