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You know, that stuff would be great, if it weren't for the (factory farmed no less) eggs...

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HI there... it's been a while since i've been on the forums!   i have a mixed family.  I'm vegan, and my 3 children (11yrs, 9yrs, 4.5yrs) are vegan, with my son also being gluten free.  My hubby is a meat eater, but eats mostly vegan at home. he's also gluten free.   so nice to see some gluten free vegans on the forums!

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Hi everyone,


I've been MIA for a while but always love coming back, especially to this board!

I'm a 36 y.o. SAHM to 2 kids (10.5 and 7) as well as to 2 cats and happily married to a US Navy man. I've been vegetarian for over 6 years and then finally made the switch over to be vegan 1.5 years ago. My DD became vegetarian ~1 year ago and my DS and DH are omnis, though DH thankfully eats all of my vegan food and we no longer have real milk or eggs in the house. Due to DS having extreme texture issues with food and vomitting pretty quickly, his food range is pretty limited. *sigh* He basically loves the 'white' food group, i.e. pasta, yogurt, cheese, bread.. but at least loves a decent variety of fruit. (Not so much veggies.. greensad.gif ) He does eat the occasional kosher hot dog (he doesn't like the vegetarian/vegan kind..) or salami, but that's pretty much it for meat. He doesn't like eggs either..

DD is a bit better with eating more of my food but to be honest most of the time I cook 2 different meals for dinner; vegan for DH & I, vegetarian/omni for the DC's... I seriously envy every family who's 100% strictly vegan! Not sure if we'll ever get there or stay a mixed family..


We're currently stationed in Sicily, Italy (no, it's not as great as one thinks, quite the contrary!..) since almost 4.5 years now, but will return to the US in 4 months and finally settle down in PA! I can't wait!!! joy.gif(Being vegan here in Sicily isn't always the easiest, at least not if you'd like to try things like vegan options for coffee creamer, cream cheese etc. I'm usually more for strict plant based food but it would be nice to have an option at least instead of only depending on veggies, fruit, beans and if lucky some tofu and soy milk!.. So yeah, I'm looking forward to return to the US for many reasons! winky.gif

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