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Using pack and play as a cosleeper?

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With DD1 we used a bassinet next to the bed for the first month or so and then she ended up in our bed at night with naps in her crib.  For a multitude of reasons, I would like to co-sleep with this baby but want to avoid her in the bed with us.  I found an Arms Reach co-sleeper in new condition at a local consignment store for a pretty good price.  It was missing a part so they ordered a replacement and held it for me.  I found out the part is on back-order and could be a few more months before it becomes available. 


We still have our pack and play with the bassinet liner and I thought it could work as a co-sleeper if I set it up next to the bed.  The height is not as convenient as the Arm's Reach but we would also save $100 if we decide to go this route only.


Have you used a similar arrangement as a co-sleeper?  I am hesitant to let go of my 'hold' on the cosleeper just in case it doesn't work but at the same time I know there are a ton of people looking for a good used one here.

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I used a pack and play for a co-sleeper with my second. It worked fine and was actually a very good height. I don't think a co-sleeper would have been any more convenient, the only thing that could have worked better would have been a crib with the side taken off so that I could nurse the baby while lying down, which is what I ended up doing anyway when she would wake in the night and then she'd be in our bed lol. 

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I use my pack n play with the bassinet for a cosleeper- it works awesome.  Our bed is high up- so I don't think anything would be exactly the right height anyway.  I like being able to roll over and reach down for the baby.  Of course aloof the time the baby just ends up sleeping in our bed most of the night- but I always have the option of putting them in their own little spot.  I also have also always put a sheepskin in the pack n play for the baby to lay on- makes it even better I think :)

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With our first we used a play yard next to bed and it was perfect. Also being so portable we would take it every where, visiting family, traveling... I recommend using the MamaDoo Kids foldable mattress topper for extra comfort and support (our little one would wake up every hour!). Good luck!

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i love using the crib side-carred. so much more room for them to grow into. baby has their own space too on their own mattress. I can roll over to nurse then roll back over to get comfy. or i can stay over with baby and cuddle. the crib has just a sheet on it. no bumpers, pillows, etc. safe. 

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