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I'm in the middle of 35 weeks and have a pedicure planned this weekend with some girlfriends. Here's my question: is it OK to do this so late in pregnancy?


I really feel like my little guy is going to come early (one MW says as early as 37 weeks--the last week of May) and I don't want to bring it on earlier than that(!)--I would be a couple days shy of 37 weeks.


The pedi I have planned is the full treatment--foot soak, exfoliation, massage of feet and calves, etc.


Just wondering if this is a good idea or have it modified?


BTW DD and DS were early (38/39weeks) but I understand the 3rd is sort of a wild card!

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I think you are fine to get a pedicure.  Enjoy it!  If the ankle pressure point really worked then we would hear tons of stories of it working.  Haven't heard a pedicure brought on labor story yet.  Anyone?  Anyone?

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I'm no expert, but I can't think of any reason a pedi would stimulate contractions or induce labour... The only concern might be infection from contamination at the spa.


A foot soak and massage sure do sound nice though.. I'm still at work and in heels for part of the day (when I'm not cross-legged and barefoot at my desk), so my feet are sore and achy by end of the day. I may need to splurge and get a pedi myself!

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Deep foot massages are a no no during pregnancy and there are points that can absolutely stimulate contractions. There is no reason not get the pedi and just have them skip the massage, their training should be to skip it for pregnant women anyway. 

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I went in for a pedi today. Had booked a full treatment but after they took one look at me and saw my belly, they said I couldn't get the massage part. Because the nail techs aren't trained in where the points are, they have to avoid massage for liability sake. In general it requires a lot of specific and sustained pressure to stimulate labor with the pressure points, but if a woman came in who was overly sensative to it or on the verge of preterm labor anyways and it put her over the edge, they would be held accountable and they can't have that. Call and check their policies. I was a bit dissapointed at first but it all worked out and was still very enjoyable :)

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I'm 36 weeks today and just went in for a pedi on Sunday (my Mother's Day gift). They massaged my feet and calves, but I had looked into the labor inducing aspect of it ahead of time and it's a specific point on the side of the heel if I was reading correctly. Like Snugglebug says, I think it takes specific and sustained pressure. Some local salons actually advertise reflexology, and that's not what I asked for. I'm still pregnant, two days later. Lol! So I think you should be fine. (And I've had a lot of pretty strong Braxton-Hicks contractions over the past few weeks.)

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I'm 35 weeks today.  I got a pedicure last Friday and I'm still pregnant :)  Enjoy it!!

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