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*July Moms* April 16-30 Thread

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Hope all of you are feeling well!

I've had an outrageous surge of energy... early nesting I guess... I've been detail cleaning the house & car (that rarely happens!) & landscaping: moving rocks, bricks, mulch, etc.--nothing too heavy though.

Dd weighs 47 lbs. and I've opted to not carry her during this pregnancy. Don't know why. Just don't feel like I oughta. Even before I knew I was pregnant... I remember that intuitively said, "Honey, I need you to walk."

I remember that I had a surge of energy with my pregnancy in '99. We hosted a wedding reception at our house when I was this far along & I worked from morning til night on my feet & loved every minute of it.

If it's like the last pregnancy ('99), I'm going to be a cleaning, working, organizing, ordering... machine til delivery day.

I love being pregnant!!
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Kristen's pics

Love the slings you made & the pics you posted!
They are so pretty.
Your dd is very sweet!

Wish we could find a way to share pics. with each other.
I enjoyed seeing yours.
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In case you missed Kristen's sewing projects link, you have to see these:

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What will you do with the placenta?

I'm having a homebirth & am collecting the supplies for it...

And, I'm wondering what all of you are doing with the placenta???

It seems sorta weird for me to throw it into the woods.
(We live in the country.)

I could burry it & plant a tree over it. July isn't a good time to plant a tree here though... I guess I could wait til fall to plant the tree. I don't much about this but I know people do it.

Thanks for any input.
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sorry i've been gone for so long but i'm now trying to catch up. I finally feel really good today after about 2 weeks of my family being sick. i think i might even sew today! gotta run now but i will post more later. it's good to be back!
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Thanks JondeeO for sharing the book you're reading/have read!!

"Anybody read "Our Babies, Ourselves", by Meredith Small? What an interesting read! She takes a look at various cultures around the world and describes the different ways they treat babies and children."

It sounds awesome... can't wait to get it. I just ordered it www.half.com where books can be purchased so cheaply!

Anybody reading anything interesting now?
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Michelle, I plant the placenta under a tree, and I've kept placentas in the freezer until planting time, then thawed them (in the fridge) so I'm not sticking a frozen placenta in the ground, LOL! Just be sure you mark the container you keep it in if you're freezing it . Dh has been surprised on more than one occasion by popping open an unmarked container in the freezer and seeing a placenta and cord staring back at him : !

A friend of mine did the coolest thing...she planted the placenta of her daughter under a long-living flowering vine, with the thought that when her daughter married one day, she could have some of those flowers in her bridal bouquet . Well, she then moved across the country, and I don't know if the vine went with her, but I thought it was kind of a cool idea . Talk about planning ahead!

I hope you like that book!

Joni, due 7-17-ish
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It's a great book, I've read it twice.

I've got no energy, but I think it's this cold I'm fighting. So much mental nesting going on, but I just can't keep up with my brain :LOL
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ITA- Kris' projects are tres cool! I'm going to buy one of her slings before the baby comes

I want to have a paper nearby to do a "print" of my placenta for a placenta "tree" pic. I'm not sure beyond that.... If my dh opened up a container holding a placenta :LOL I think he'd faint! I'm not sure about planting it in the yard because we won't live here for more than 4-5 years, and I'd have to leave it behind.

We started our birthing class this week. The instructor is a doula and she might even be present at my bebe's birth! It seems like it will be a very useful class.

Glad you're feeling better wolfmom

dalai_mama (healthy dust)
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About placenta... I'm going to dehydrate mine and put it into vegicaps! I heard that it's an excellent post-partum tonic, and some people even eat it like a smoothy with berries and stuff, or take a bite right out of it.

Anyways, I'm doing well. Baby appears to be head-down.

I have been wrapping scarves around my belly on some days when it's cold, to keep my baby warm. They do that in japan, apparently, and I think it's a good idea. I get cold so easily.
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I too, have that amazing energy surge going on!! We have been so busy the past couple of weeks with landscaping projects, and redecorating dd's room and general spring cleaning. I am in heaven with all of the planning and preparing and doing...until the end of the day when my back and feet are throbbing!!

All is well here...just want to get out of the twenties so anxiously awaiting week 30 coming up soon. Also, am counting down the days until no more working....want to be a sahm sooooo bad again. Only 7 weeks left of work!!

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Re: Kristen's pics

Originally posted by Michelle Leigh
Love the slings you made & the pics you posted!
They are so pretty.
Your dd is very sweet!

Wish we could find a way to share pics. with each other.
I enjoyed seeing yours.
Oh! I just checked this thread on a whim! Thanks and I am glad you like the pics. I am nuts about my ABC! I just need a babe to carry in it. As soon as I put DD in it she wants out. :
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Just thought I'd check in. Everyone is pretty quiet these days, hey?
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I have been reading, not much to say, but I am around

I am so happy that the third trimester is finally here! I am getting anxious to meet this babe and find out who he or she is. I am 28 weeks this week. Going to have to start getting my birthing supplies together soon. Also considering a CPR refresher course. I am so excited about this birth! Just wanted to check in and say hello to all you mammas!! Got to get back to sewing napkins while my girls are entertaining themselves peacefully.
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I have been reading too but things at work are so busy it is hard to find time to post! Hope everyone is feeling well!
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HI everyone....
yeah it has been way quiter round here lately.
I've been pretty busy moving and all that...am in transition right now, visiting family, trying to eat well. The baby has become really active the last couple of days, though I can't figure out why.
This is my last week of second trimester....then it's the home stretch...
Also, I've watched 'Baby Story' the last couple of days since there's a tv here... just one abnormal birth after another. I'm shocked every time. They have these women laying on their backs complaining how much it hurts. Well, no wonder, you're laying on your back! You have to move around!
And so they always need epidurals and can't even tell when to push...it just seems so unneccesary....
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Originally posted by Snowy Owl
just one abnormal birth after another.
The thing that's so cool about this though is that watching this show while I was preggo with DD was what convinced me to start doing more research and ultimately led me to drug-free childbirth. I swear 50% of births on that show are c-section! It scared the willies out of me.
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placfenta print

how are you going to do the placenta print? touch it to a big piece of paper for a "stamp" for keeping?
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hypnosis class

Tonight I went to a general hypnosis class at a bookstore nearby. I must order some hypnobirthing tapes & get started right away!

The instructor was talking about the importance of the baby's comfort, hunger, & security --esp. during the first 24 hours.

This made me sad that the hospital required dd to be in the nursery for "monitoring" b/c her temperature was "low" after birth.: I wish she could have been held & close to me or dh.

I've not gotten a massage for a little while, so I'm looking forward to that... tomorrow!! and I'm getting my monthly chiropractic adjustment following, which makes me feel great.

I'm so excited!! This is a fun time. It's hard to believe that I'm at 27 weeks... surreal.

Hope all of you are well .
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I will be 30 weeks on saturday! Holy Cow! Time flies when I'm not watching the calendar all the time, and have a toddler to look after (and clean after, and run after...)
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