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Swollen Feet?

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The last few days my feet have been REDICULOUSLY swollen....like, barely fitting in my shoes swollen.


I've been consciously trying to drink lots of fluid and TRYING to put my feet up, but for work I'm pretty much up and on them all day.


If anyone has a magic solution that would be cool, but I'm thinking I may need to just invest in some sandals and suck it up.

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Eat more protein!!  My feet have looked swollen a few times recently.  I've noticed it was always on a hot day (but they don't swell every hot day).

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Any ideas for swollen fingers? My wedding ring is getting awful tight, and I'd rather not have to take it off. Is the swelling from just dehydration, or is there any other reason for it? Does eating more protein help with swelling?

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I eat tons of protein and my feet still get puffy. I have crazy cankles right now. The things that seem to help me is drinking lots of water, putting my feet up with legs straight as much as possible, having DH rub my feet and ankles and using cool packs on them. I am also wearing my birks everyday. My feet go up and down on hotter days. My hands are ok so far but I do check them all the time as I don't want to have my rings cut off.
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Last night my MW said that getting your feet above your heart is the key.  She also said that the swelling is perfectly normal at this point of a pregnancy, especially as the weather gets warmer.  An interesting fact she told us is that as you lay down on your side, you body can process through all of that liquid that has built up for the day, so she suggests you start doing that a while before going to bed, because then you can use the bathroom before you are trying to fall asleep.  Otherwise, your body will wake you up to use the bathroom at say, midnight.  I have tried to start reading or laying on the couch to watch TV by about 8:00 p.m. and go to the bathroom a few times before actually trying to fall asleep at 10:00 or so.

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I've had swollen feet off and on probably since the beginning of my 3rd trimester. Drinking lots water w/fresh lemon seems to help, also diuretic foods like watermelon and cucumber are good to include in your diet. One midwife told me I should be drinking a gallon of water daily. I also take Epsom salt baths pretty frequently (not as much recently since it's such a hassle to get in and out of the tub now. Lol!) Make sure you are not sitting in such a way that cuts off your circulation or wearing tight fitting clothes if you can possibly avoid it. Put your feet up on something if you have to sit for work, etc. I try to sit in a comfortable chair with my feet up as high as possible and that seems to keep my feet from swelling quite so much. We live in a super hot climate, so there isn't a ton I can really do at this point that's effective. When I go to bed, I elevate my feet as much as comfortable and the swelling usually goes down quite a bit.

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Protein, magnesium, salt, water, elevation. 

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I've found that epsom salt baths help some. 

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OK- the thing with the protein- it works but you have to consume like 12-14 servings ( so that is what almost 100g) every day. I finally caved and am keeping whey protein bars in my purse and snack on them all the time. I also take a whey shake everyday, and last night I finally bought a bunch of nuts, trail mix, and jerky....  I can handle eggs right now- but sometimes I blend them raw in my smoothies.  


I take sea minerals which are high in magnesium and that helps a ton as well.  And of course no tight clothes anywhere and loads of rrl tea and water.

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i drink loads of fluids (rrl tea and water) and eat tons of protein. i think every meal for me is mostly protein. at this stage of the pregnancy our bodies are preparing for birth. we need lots of water and fluid in our bodies for labor. however, there is normal swelling and not normal swelling. it is a good idea to keep an eye on that.

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Yeah, I have finally started to get some swelling too after not having it all along; suddenly I gained 5lbs and my ring is harder to get off. I think it is just normal end of the road water retention. 

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Taking Dandelion root capsules can help with swelling because it supports your liver fuction. It's safe for pregnancy:



Eating watermelon, cucumber and parsley can help.


You also want to balance exercise (short walks, swimming) with periods of resting with your feet up.

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Well, I took my rings off yesterday. I don't LOOK swollen and the past few days have been better than those first few days where I could SEE the swelling. My shoes are still tight though, and after fiddling with my rings I decided it's probably best just to take them off since they don't slide so gracefully anymore.

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I had to take my ring off two days ago. Or rather, had DH pull it off because it was stuck on the swelling and I couldn't get it. That sucks, I love wearing my ring! greensad.gif I wonder how soon after delivery I'll be able to wear it again.

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I took my rings off yesterday. I think my swelling is down today but I will just leave them off till after babe gets here. It got really warm here yesterday so I think that is a contributing factor. DH went and got me some watermelon yesterday thumb.gif

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I had to take my rings off a week or so ago as well - actually on my wedding anniversary.  :)

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I took my rings off a month ago and also bought a 1/2 size bigger sandals (also very comfy) about two weeks ago and it has been very worth it!


This is the funny thing: one ankle is perfectly fine and one is rather swollen. It is the right ankle, and my right calf has been tighter this pregnancy so I wonder if it is an alignment thing or the side the baby is favoring?

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i dont swell up. the only part that swells is the very top part of my feet ad that is bc my shoes cut into me there. my feet have started spreading though. wider shoes are my friend. i havent been able to wear my wedding ring. i lost 40 lbs before this pregnancy and was getting ready to take it in to get the size reduced. but my husband said if i didnt i might be able to wear it during the last of my pregnancy. but, alas, it is still too big and it falls off! i didnt realize i had gotten that big after the last baby. i am 34.5 weeks now. i would have thought all 36 lbs i gained would have fattened up my fingers but it hasnt. 

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I'm glad to see the tips here to avoid swelling :) I start each morning ok, but throughout the day (especially when it's warm), I swell up. Sra, I have the same lopsided swelling - my right ankle/foot is noticeably more swollen than my left. If you find out why, I'd be interested to know!

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My left swells more than my right. My baby hangs out on the right side more. I don't know if that makes any sense.


My doctor said to take my rings off too early because you never know when they will get stuck and start hurting. My wedding band was too loose so that one is ok now, but I took off my engagement ring. The heat definitely makes it worse, but the past few days have been cooler and it hasn't helped all that much!

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