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i want to homeschool my daughter...she was bullied at her last school and it was kindergarden...since then she has been out of school! honestly im scared to bring her anywhere bc im scared the schools are gng to look at me like im a bad mom...she s been out of school since jan and been on the road travelling with me...im a dancer...teacher and my work is contract...so i do have the time...to homeschool her!! i love my daughter and she is VERY smart...and she is my last baby..i have four older kids..so i have been keeping her particularily close to me..shes fine with it lol. any info would be useful...im totally new to everything home schooling!!! is there a fee??

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It depends where in the country you are.  Here in FL, for example, there are different guidelines depending upon which district you are in.  Is there a state or county where you primarily reside?  If yes, then check their school board website for information on home education.  Ours has a lot of resources to help neophyte homeschoolers get started.  Good luck!

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I don't believe there is a fee other than purchasing the required curriculum. Here is a great link for Ontario. http://www.ontariohomeschool.org/


Good luck. I think you are making a great choice for your DD's education.

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