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Ideas for fattening up my skinny minny

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My DD is 27 months, 25lb and 36", so in other words tall and skinny. I'm not worried as she is very healthy and active but I would like to fatten her up so she has a 'buffer' if she gets stomach flu or something. She eats fairly well, allowing for toddler pickiness. We are vegetarian and gluten free. She loves butter and almond butter on bread or crackers and she could probably live off kefir, yogurt and smoothies. So far I've been adding coconut oil to things when I remember. I'm thinking of putting avocado in smoothies too. Any other tips? Am I right in assuming that good fats are the best way to go?

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Um I just saw some research recently that shows parents have a perception that super chubby babies/kids are "healthy" and on target or skinny ones are not..Its not true.  If your child is healthy and active, just keep doing what you are doing. 

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My son is 5 and weighs 35 pounds. He eats constantly and there is nothing in the world I could do to change his body shape. Not to say I didn't try to take the advice of nutritionists when he was little. We gave him flax oil on a spoon in addition to lots of high calorie foods, but I really don't think it made a bit of difference. I'm sure if your little one is developing normally she will be just fine. I understand the desire to put a few extra pounds on as a buffer in the event of illness, but I'm not sure the extra effort (and stress) would have a measurable result.

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I think it's usually good to feed healthy fats to kids (like you're already doing for your dd, OP - my kids eat similar things).  I hear avocado in smoothies is good, and it's also real nice as a spread on toast (I just smear it over) with a sprinkle of cumin.  I have smaller, pickier kids so I do such things as make sure we're getting the fattier yogurt as opposed to something nonfat, since it is something they'll actually eat.  In no way do kids need foods that are low in fat, IMO. 



I agree with the other PP's that you probably don't need to be as worried about a smaller stature, as long as she's active, still growing, and not unusually picky about foods.    

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Does she eat cheese, eggs, milk...?


I agree that she is probably healthy just the way that she is but healthy fats are important for children anyway.

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She drinks goat milk and kefir. She eats cheese, yogurt, tofu, but usually turns down eggs. I think I'm going to get her some Greek yogurt, but I'll have to stop myself eating it. That stuff is delicious!
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what is her family history?


did ur family or your partner's family have skinny kids?


my brother was skinny (not me). and no matter what my mom did he stayed super skinny.


actually he and i could put in a tonne of food and not make a difference (i was normal weight, my bro was below normal). though by 24 i could not any longer. 


i remember when he fell ill. even as a child i remember how much he would pack it in during recovery. 


my chubby child who has been through both stomach and other flues never really lost weight. 

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Same here as above. I have a skinny one whom I feed lots of whole fats to and it doesn't make a difference- on her weight. Still healthy for her brain and growth. Avocados, whole milk, salmon, olives, coconut milk, grass fed butter...

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Nuts and nut butters. I used to stress about this with my vegetarian skinny minny baby too. She's five now and has gained a bit and is perfectly fine and healthy. Try not to worry. I agree with a pp that our views on what's "skinny" can be very warped. 

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Thanks for all the responses. It doesn't sound like I'm missing any 'magic ingredient' so I'll just carry on with what I'm doing. I appreciate the assurances but I'm really not worried. I know she's healthy and developing well.  On the other hand, she really IS skinny. It's not just my perception. Her bmi is under 5%. I think that is normal for her but I would like to see her just a little chunkier! 

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I know there was a thread like this a few months ago in the vegetarian forum that had some more suggestions. I have a thin preschooler (under 5% as well) and have met with dieticians to confirm I'm giving her what she needs. The consensus is to continue giving lots of healthy fats and oils, but also plenty of protein. I hadn't been too worried about protein before because I knew we eat enough, but now I do try to add a little more of it to her meals. I no longer worry about her weight, but I do make an effort to give her those little extras to help.
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i have a 6 yo who is 36 lbs. super healthy, active and athletic. no worries.

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