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Milestones thread :)

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Ursa 3.5 weeks and rolling over :) Any other milestones anyone wants to share? I know I would love to see them joy.gif

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Haha.  My second didn't roll over till 8 months.  She's totally super advanced! winky.gif


Also, I love that she's naked except for boots.  That's how my 2 year old is dressed most days. 


Is she really tall, or is Atticus just really fat, because she looks very long. 


I think the only milestone Atticus has reached, at five weeks, is the super ability to fill his diaper every half hour. He honestly doesn't eat as much as he poops.  That's a milestone, right?

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LOL! funny! It  like a magic show pulling more out of the diaper then goes in! cute. DD does one super load every few hours.....


yes she is tall- she was 9lbs at birth but looks longer now then fat, although she does have many many chins.... ROTFLMAO.gif

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My baby girl rolled back to front at 3.5 weeks but hasn't managed front to back yet. At 5 weeks, she's sitting in her bumbo and looking super cute love.gif

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Tavian smiled at me on Mother's day, just shy of 6 weeks. He hasn't rolled yet and can barely hold up his head. Evie rolled at 7 weeks and was born holding her head up. It's weird to have a less advanced baby the second time around.

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Rosie is pretty good at holding her head up unless she's tired and I, in typical first time mom fashion, think it's absolutely the most wonderful thing ever! I also gave her some tummy time today and she managed to rotate her body around over 45 degrees, which I thought was pretty impressive!
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Cute! My first rolled over at that age too. Lennon can roll from her side to her tummy. twins.gif

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Louisa (5 weeks) hates being on her back to sleep, so even swaddled, she can manage to oonch her way onto her side and get as close to me as possible. I think it's adorable, of course. :) 

 That and the diaper-filling are her only notables at this point. I hadn't even thought to get out the Bumbo yet. hmm...

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My little guy's cord fell off today (that's a milestone, right?) and he had an epic poop (while diaperless, of course). He's been smiling since the first day :)

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Rosie went to see the doctor for the first time today and she didn't fuss at all!  Also she has gained two pounds in the last two weeks!!!!
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Perfect timing for this thread. Last night Lennon smiled a real smile (while awake and not farting) for sure. I've caught them before but couldn't tell if they were intentional or not. She is also starting to coo a little bit. Today is her one month birthday. luxlove.gif

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Mo began smiling in his first week.  LOVE!!


Last week, at 3 weeks old, he began cooing.  He only does it in a quiet house, though, which means he doesn't do it very often.


We have also had three "conversations" with our tongues- I raspberry mine at him, and he sticks his out back at me.  Repeat.  I could do it for hours.  :)  He will play for about 4 or 5 exchanges.  


He also has begun liking to "stand" on his legs, just as my other two boys did.  

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I am getting smiles! 4 weeks, 2 days. Yesterday I thought, maybe I can call these smiles. Today he smiled at me! He smiled again when I laid him down after his milk. Also, in the last 2 days he has started to take naps in his bassinet. I put him down sleepy awake and he falls asleep on his own. He has also only gotten up one time at night for 2 nights in a row to nurse. This is huge! Life is good.

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Today Tavian helped me out on my first postpartum LLL home visit. That's a milestone, right?

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Giant face-splitting smiles this morning! Like sixteen in a row. We've had whispers of smiles since about 3 weeks but there is no mistaking these! 603137c4-011d-2ca1.jpg
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Savian has had crazy neck control from birth. from a few days old he has been able to roll from laying on one side to back to the other side. He also roll and squirm his way a good foot or more closer to me in bed. It is so cute to watch. Lifting hisquad off my shoulder and rotating 180 no problem. He hasn't even had his first bath yet. I think that will be coming tomorrow. Q
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The same day I posted about her big grins, E rolled over from tummy to back twice in each direction. It's so cute to see her go up so high on her hands and then just topple over. She was pretty surprised the first time! Guess I need to start thinking about bed rails ...
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Rowan has had absurdly good neck control from the beginning and actually started fighting head support in wraps and carriers about 6 weeks.  His first "real" smile was about 5 weeks, and has just started (at 7 weeks) producing epic amount of drool and occasional real tears.  He's not particularly advanced in the diaper filling department, though; we spend days trying to coach him to poop!

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Lennon ROLLED OVER! She actually rolled from tummy to back and then kept going with the momentum and rolled from her back to tummy!!! She is 6 weeks + 4 days. joy.gif


I got it on video!



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Tavian's been rolling for about a week now,but really kicked it into high gear today. He loves flopping over!

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