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Nora has been giving us big smiles for a couple of weeks (she is five weeks now) but they are getting more frequent and more communicative this week. She will mirror tongue stick outs and will coo "ohhh" back and forth with me or my husband. All very adorable. She also has pretty amazing neck control, she has from the start, and is becoming very steady with holding her head up off of us as we are walking around. Fun times over here. :)

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Lennon laughed out loud today for the first time. omg it was sooooooooooooo cute. luxlove.gif she is 8 weeks + 5 days today. nak

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Baby giggles are awesome!!  We've had a few.  Mostly these days Mo is bringing his hands together in front of his face and nearly going cross eyed trying to look at them.  He looks like he is praying.  :)

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Ok, I have to brag! My sweet little baby girl was 11 weeks last week and she started sitting, braced on her hands. So cute! Now, she can hold it for a few more seconds, but falls when she reaches for a toy. She also braces herself up in a baby pushup on her belly and tries to kick her legs to move. She's rolled front to back several times this week too. Oh, and she has discovered how to use her hands to hold toys and manipulate them. She especially enjoys tipping over stuffed animals. And she's "talking" constantly, smiling and laughing. Its been a very exciting week!

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E cut a tooth this week at 17 weeks! She did really well with it considering she also had a snotty nose and a 4h plane ride in the 4 days leading up to its appearance. She'd been really drooly and stuffing everything in her mouth for a couple weeks beforehand so we figured something was up but it still surprised me that it actually came through. Here's a picture of her the morning after - pretty relieved, I think! 603137c4-ad4c-7ace.jpg
I CANNOT believe my little baby is on the way to eating food! I know it will still be a while but it's a trip to know that her little body has got a plan. It's a bit sad for me actually.
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aww how cute and congrats! I cried when DS got his first tooth. It was hard to think of him growing up so fast.  DD seems to be on the way to one too but we will see, I am fine if she just waits a while :)

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Lala - wow, what an adorable kid, joy.gif
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lala, she is so cute!!


Coraline pushed herself to the up position of a pushup. she's also been trying to get up on her hands and knees.

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lala- she does look relieved!  I bet you are, too. 


We officially have gone mobile.  He's been rolling from back to front for quite a while, but he can't go the other way.  This last week, though, he started pushing up on his hands, and today he seems to have really gotten the hang of then pushing himself backwards.  :)  He scooted backwards 4 feet today in about 15 minutes- started at one end of the blanket, playing with the grass with his hands, and ended up with his waist and legs in the grass on the other side of the blanket.  

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Nora has pretty much mastered the tripod sit, she stays well balanced for periods and sometimes leans to one side or the other on one leg without tipping. She has been rolling from back to front for a few weeks and recently threw a front to back into the mix. She is giggling like crazy and has been blowing raspberries back at us for several weeks. It is her favorite and it is cute because she sort of has to work up to it. You can see how hard she is working, it is adorable. She is working on teeth but nothing is working its way through yet. She has been grabbing toys to put into her mouth since the last half of ten weeks, which just really surprised me. So fun to watch them gain new baby skills! :)


Here is the tripod sit with a lean: 


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Nora is pudgy and gorgeous! What a steady gaze she has.

An update: E cut her second tooth within a week of the first one so now she's got both bottom ones in. 

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Atticus army crawls 4.5 months :) / uh oh lol

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Coraline, not to be outdone by her just born cousin, decides to crawl one crawl forward, she has since switched to army crawling as crawling is still hard.

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How cute!!! Lennon just started an army scoot of some sort a couple days ago, she doesn't get up on her knees...she's way too chunky but she'll try so hard to scoot forward but ends up going around in a circle.

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i love all the news here! they are all getting so grown up. Ursa is 15lbs now and about to cut her first tooth :)b she is a rolling baby like her sister 

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There is too much cuteness going on here..it's so cool to see and hear how all these LOs are doing they are growing so quickly
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