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Good Nursing Bras?

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What do you use/have you used for nursing bras? Is there a particular brand/type that works well? Where do you find them? Or do you even need specific nursing bras - do sports bras or front-clasp bras work just as well?



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When I wore bras I just used one that was low cut and popped my boob out the top. I used nursing bras with my first and found them much more difficult to use than regular bras, not to mention far more expensive though not better made. Now I just wear tanks with a shelf bra and pop the boob out the top of that :-) Sports bras are too high cut IME to nurse in and front clasp bras..... unleash a little too much lol

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You know, I nursed my DD for 25 months and I hated every nursing bra I had. I'll be watching this thread. I have a 36E chest (when not engorged) so maybe that's my problem.

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I'm plus size and F cup. My mom just bought me some nice things from Motherhood Maternity and I was quite surprised how comfortable they were. One is a structured cup and one is a "nighttime" bra that is just a very soft sports bra type that pulls open easily in front. Obviously I haven't tried them nursing yet but I'm hopeful.
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I have an Anita nursing bra and I love itlove.gif It's a european brand and it fits me so well! I still continued to wear it even when I wasn't nursing I liked it so much. Before that I tried the Bravado bra - didn't like that one at all. It made me feel so dumpy. And before that I tried some from Motherhood maternity. I really suggest you get fitted though - the sizing is different from American sizing. I'm a 32E in Anita brands, but in American bras I'm either a 34B or 34C.



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It seems to depend a lot on personal preference, and also your size comes into play. There are lots of good ones out there now, and like regular bras the more comfy ones tend to be less attractive/supportive. I always get some of each. I don't wear them at night because I don't leak so I don't need pads, at least I think that's the main purpose of sleep bras. If you fit into them, the Motherhood and Target ones seem decent and the price is right.  They are good because you can see them in person. There's a million kinds online, too.

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I love Bravado bras.  I have the basic one (or basic plus or whatever size I am) and it is super dumpy but awesomely comfy.  I also have the spice set but I really love the body silk one.  There is nothing more comfy than that.  I also have the bravado tanks and pretty much wear one of those or a glamour mom tank everyday when nursing.  I have had several glamour mom tanks and they don't hold up nearly as well the bravado ones do.

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I didn't use nursing bras with my daughter- just regular bras and pulled the bra down.  I liked the flexibility of the body by victoria bras.  Nursing bras didn't have enough support for me and I thought it weird to have my daughter nurse through a hole in the fabric.  I slept in lightweight bralettes- that was really comfortable and supportive plus I would leak all over the place and needed something to hold the nursing pads in place.

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when i am first engorged i like a nice sturdy nursing bra. i prefer one with a little padding that clasps at the top. my boobs are usually too full and hurt too much to just pull them out of the top of a reg bra. when the engorgement goes down and my breast feels more like they were prepregnancy then i go back to reg bras and just pull them out of the top. by that time nursing bras irritate me anyway. i cant remember the brand i got but they were sold at motherhood maternity. i ony wore them when i left the house. at home i just wore the sleep bra with some pads in them.

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I have the sleep bra from motherhood maternity as well and I really loved that last time; it so much easier to use than the nursing bras with the clasps.  

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