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Help with my no poo hair!!

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I went no poo about 6 weeks ago (or maybe even up to 8 weeks ago...can't really remember now.) I had dandruff pretty bad (well, imo anyway) and that's what got me started on this. I started off by doing a bs wash and acv rince every 2-3 days. The dandruff seemed to go away within just a few days. I moved to doing a bs rinse every 4 days or so and an acv rince a little more often than that. I realized a couple of days ago that I have flakes again. It doesn't seem to be as bad at my scalp like it was but I see tiny little flakes and it's itchy. I also noticed that it is super greasy all of a sudden. I mean, like literally all of a sudden. It's been pretty manageable up until now, but this has me wanting to wash with shampoo, even though I know that would be defeating the purpose! 

I totally expected the greasiness and icky feeling earlier on but once I got to 4 or 5 weeks and didn't have it, I thought I was in the clear. Why, after close to 8 weeks, would I be having these issues now? And what do I do about it??

I decided that I needed to back off of the bs wash. I think I was using too much when I used it anyway. But I figured I'd try to do that just once a week. I was going to try to do only water and no acv either, but today it was so gross and greasy feeling that I had to do an acv rince. It did make it feel better but a couple of hours after washing, it felt greasy and yucky again.

I do put spray gel on my hair when it's wet because I have really curly hair and it will frizz if I don't (though I'd really like to get away from that even. Any suggestions?) I use a tshirt to wrap my hair in too. So, I'm trying to do everything I can to prevent the frizz, but it seems like only a spray gel sprayed on right after it comes down from the tshirt, while it's still pretty wet has been the closest thing to working.

So, what do I do? I don't want to wash with shampoo, but it's hard to keep telling myself that it will get better. If my hair wasn't curly and hiding the flakes so well, I think I would have already caved. I did try to straighten my hair the other day but it was so oily feeling and stringy that I couldn't even do that.

Help me. I really want this to work!!

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Is this not posted in the right place? Or is it just confusing how I asked it? I really need help with this!

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I have curly/frizzy hair, too, and I did the same thing you did. It took me a LONG time to get rid of the itchy, greasy scalp. I don't know what exactly did it, and whether this will help you get through it faster (b/c everyone I've talked to says it only takes a week or so and my head took MONTHS to adapt, so maybe I was doing it wrong), but.... reduce the amount of BS you use to barely any at all, and then reduce the frequency with which you use it til you're down to once/week or once/2 weeks.


In between, "shampoo" your hair with water only. Really scrub your scalp like you're shampooing dirt out of your hair, but only use water. If your scalp is really greasy, do it every day. I comb through my hair with a very wide-toothed comb in the shower to get rid of all the loose hair and to loosen up the dirt/grease buildup. After you comb through, "shampoo" with water again (I don't scrub as hard the second time around, just rub and rinse to get whatever dirt you loosened up with the comb out). Instead of wringing my hair out before I leave the shower, I scrunch it instead. This gets out the excess water but helps keep the curl. Also, I do a final rinse with COLD water and then scrunch excess water out...


After I get out of the shower, I rub a small amount of vegetable glycerin in my hands and scrunch it into the ends of my hair, then wrap in a microfiber towel to get most of the water out. I leave the towel on for most of the time I'm getting ready.


I just found a new hairdresser who thinks coconut oil would be a better conditioner than the glycerin, so you may want to give that a try. She also said that the vinegar is too harsh and causes frizzies in curly hair (which surprised me, b/c everything I've read about BS/ACV says that the ACV is what neutralizes the BS.... but I don't use either anymore so it makes no difference....). She also advocates for using conditioner only shampooing but I don't like it. Although it may be a good alternative to BS/ACV for you if you're transitioning to water only, or maybe just stay with conditioner only if you like it. I told her I don't like conditioner but that my friend makes a coconut oil shampoo bar and she said that's even better. So maybe you can use a LITTLE coconut oil in the shower and see if that helps? I would imagine it would be similar to the oil cleansing method, but for your scalp with the added benefit of conditioning your hair at the same time. She highly recommends the book "Curly Girl" for anyone with curly hair. It's very supportive of no-poo.


I hope this helps!

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Also the author of Curyl Girl has a shampoo line, deva curl. There is a low poo and no poo shampoo available. I've actually liked both products....
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I read this blog post about No 'poo. I think I'll try it when I'm on mat leave next year...not something I can do while going to work everyday...


Anyway, I thought she had some good tips:



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What brand of coconut oil are you no-poo ladies using on your hair? I also learned on another thread somewhere that it is good to use as conditioner, but when I tried it it made my hair really stiff. (I used the LouAna brand.)


I have been shampoo free for about 3 months and my hair is still feeling yucky. When I can get it clean (my hair is long), it will still be frizzy, feels brittle and tangles easy. The link provided above is helpful because I also use more baking soda. I also learned on there that I was doing it wrong by rinsing the ends of my hair with Apple Cider Vinegar, I am supposed to rinse the baking soda out with water FIRST before putting the ACV in- apparently.


One of the comments at the link says:

"I‚Äôve been doing no ‚Äėpoo for almost 5 months and I just love it! I had to do lots of tweaking, too. I was recently given the idea by another no ‚Äėpooer to boil the water with the baking soda! it makes a perfect solution and there is no settling. i boiled half gallon of water with the appropriate amount of baking soda (for me, 1 1/2 TBSP per cup of water), poured it into a half gallon canning jar which I now keep in the bathroom and refill my squirt bottle from that. That half gallon has lasted over a month, I think, and it‚Äôs still about half full. I use old dish soap squirt bottles for both the baking soda solution and the vinegar solution in the shower."


I may have to try this... I will try anything to make this work. And good luck to you too OP.

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FYI, the baking soda is what made my hair brittle and my scalp greasy. I have no idea how long or short my transition to no-poo might have been if I'd stopped using BS/ACV sooner, but I (wrongly) increased the amount and frequency that I used BS when my scalp started getting greasy. Then it just got worse.... Finally I stopped using everything, shampooed my hair (with a minimal amount) and started water only. That did/does work, but my hair does get frizzy/brittle so occasionally I need to use conditioner.


I don't like that, and somewhere (here?) I saw a few people mention using lemon juice to shampoo. I tried it and it's better than water only. My hair is still a little dry, but not as much as water only. Just thought I'd mention that....

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