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Is anyone else's pet taking Metacam for inflammation? 


My 6 year old shepherd/husky was diagnosed with hip dysplasia about a month ago. Metacam is an NSAID, and it has worked exceedingly well for him so far. He went from not even being able to stand or do stairs without yelping in pain to bounding and frolicking in the park.


Couple of questions for anyone whose pet takes this:


Did they vomit? My pup vomits at least once a day now, but otherwise has a health appetite and doesn't seem nauseous all the time.

Did the med make your whole dog smell? The med has a pretty pungent odour, and it seems that it's seeping through his skin or something, because he smells of it everywhere on his body.


Any advice, tips, suggestions, commiseration of any kind is greatly appreciated.

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Are you giving with some food? Although NSAIDs work best on an empty stomach, they can be harsh on the stomach. I have never ever heard a client come in complaining of an unusual odour....I do hate the odour of Metacam liquid though....it gets on my skin and I smell it all day... Could be you are more sensitive to the odour. 2 Of 9 of us at work hate the odour and everyone else is all "what odour? What are you talking about?"

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