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Originally Posted by mamapigeon View Post

Thought I'd post to say that I had my baby! It's been great so far, and Wyatt has been interested and fairly well behaved. A lot of attempted baby pinches, though.

Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying the last of summer. Patti and Blanca, I hope your pregnancies are still going well!



:joy Congrats on the little girl! :joy


I'm 15 weeks along with a boy stork-boy.gif

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Thanks, Patti!

Yay for your boy, exciting to know so early!

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Congrats, MamaPigeon! And Pattimomma, congrats on the boy! We are almost 20 weeks now with another girl--I'm super excited to have a pair of sisters, as I have sisters myself.


MinkaJane--she's cute! We're making sloooow potty progress here. We've gotta do something because she has been leaking through her diapers (disposable) at night. Maybe if I put a cloth cover over them, that will help? I've been trying to "pee" her before bed but she doesn't always cooperate.


We just bought a house--very excited to settle down. It's in our dream neighborhood. Stressful because work we're having done is turning out to be more expensive than anticipated, And we have to find tenants for our apt, since we're breaking our lease. But I know it'll work out in the end.

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Thanks, Blanca. Hurray for another girl!

We've had the occasional diaper leak with sposies and it sure is terrible! Good luck with the diaper cover, not sure if that would work.

Congrats on your new home, very exciting!

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Abby got her first haircut today! When I asked if she wanted to, she said, "Is it will hurt?" When she found out it wouldn't, she was all for it. She looked a bit concerned for the first few minutes, then enjoyed it. She looks totally adorable and we got layers in the back so we won't get that awful rat's nest she kept getting thanks to her curls.




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Abby looks really cute with her new cut! It's nice that she enjoyed it!

I love all of the firsts and new adventures, so much fun!
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Just popping in to say hi! I can't believe our babies are about to be two and a half! Where has the time gone???

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Two and a half--phew! Yeah, I can't believe it. I feel like Eliza is more articulate and exciting every day. She is so cute I can't get over it.
MinkaJane--Abby's haircut is adorable!

We're making slow moves toward using the potty on a regular basis. I'm working full time till end of November, and then we might try the three-day kamikaze method--it would be nice to have her out of diapers by the time #2 comes along.

Gotta run--time to put her to bed!
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The time has really flown by! I love all of the growing up, but it's so sad to see baby habits dying off. I feel like Wyatt is so mature these days. He loves going out on adventures and talks about all of our activities.

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Hello Ladies! I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing!


Updates on the littles and the new babies please!


Abbey is still co-sleeping with us which should be interesting when baby brother is born in February. We enrolled her in a two day a week preschool which she loves. Holidays were exhausting.

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Hi Patti! Glad things are going well with Abbey and preschool! What does she do there? I'm more familiar with preschool for 4+.


Lots of talking and mischief making around here. Wyatt likes to tinker around with things he probably shouldn't, but he's pretty clever and listens to directions most of the time. We're staying home more than I'd like this winter, but it's giving us a chance to work on some little art projects. Wyatt really likes to string beads and glue things on paper. DD is 4 months old now and is working on sitting up by herself, rolling over, and chattering at us. She and Wyatt get along really well. I think they're going to play together constantly when she can crawl after him. They both co-sleep and it's working pretty well.

I did have to wean both kidlets back in November though, which was terrible. I found out I had cancer and needed to start chemo right away. It's going well though, and DD is growing nicely on formula.


Hope things are going well for everyone and that the new babies are welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm by older siblings! :throb

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yikes2.gif@mamapigeon I hope you are in remission now! or even better completely cancer free. :Hug How scary to get that news with two little ones.


Damn DD just peed on the floor! More later.

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OH my goodness, MamaPigeon--I'm so sorry. I'm glad it's going well, as much as it can with such a diagnosis. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

Pattimomma--glad to hear Abbey likes preschool. We plan to enroll Eliza this fall. Our childcare situation will be complicated, though, with an infant and one in preschool--I have a full-time seasonal job I'm hoping to take again but we'd have to figure out childcare.


I'm due Jan. 20th. I'm expecting to have the baby in about 2 weeks--DD came a little before her due date. I am feeling so unbearably pregnant lately--hard to breathe, sleep, move, bend over, lift, put on shoes...ugh. We still have to get window coverings up in baby's room (a little alcove off ours), figure out how to safely heat said alcove (I'm thinking I'll just get a little space heater with safety features, and only use it sparingly--I just want to be able to close her door sometimes so we don't have to worry about waking her). STill no name. There is one DH and I both like, but can't agree on pronunciation, and he is not wild about my number one pick.


I had hoped to get DD out of diapers over Christmas break, but it didn't happen. For a long time she has seemed ready, and been really good about using her potty if she's bare bottomed, but I think she's regressing a bit--she pooped in the tub (which she's only done once before in her life) and had a couple of pee accidents--she seems to have lost the ability to predict when it's going to happen. So I guess I"ll put that on hold until things calm down with the baby and then try again, maybe this spring. ANy tips from anyone who's BTDT?


Great to hear from you all!


p.s. ETA: DD seems to have dropped her nap, just in time for new baby. Sigh. At least she's good at entertaining herself in her room--we're trying to be consistent with a rest period. Bedtimes have been nuts lately, too--LOTS of stalling and tantrums.

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Subbing to bump and reply when back at computer
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Thanks, Patti and Blanca. It's stage 3, so I'm probably going to be getting treatment until around mid-summer. It's a really weird feeling with the little ones, and it makes me a bit nervous about what the future might hold.

Sorry about the potty training trouble. How are you guys doing it? We're going to try pull-ups, but we're waiting a bit longer (until DD is a little less needy). It seems like potty training is one of the trickiest things about having children. I'm intimidated by the thought of taking kids to the bathroom in stores. I always see moms with little ones in the bathroom who seem so frazzled. :nut

Blanca (and Patti), I hope all those last minute baby things fall in to place with as little stress as possible!

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Originally Posted by mamapigeon View Post

I did have to wean both kidlets back in November though, which was terrible. I found out I had cancer and needed to start chemo right away. It's going well though, and DD is growing nicely on formula. 



Hi, DDC mamas!  I'm posting again in the hopes that this thread stays up in my news feed - it doesn't for some reason. 


We're well. Lola starts 2 day pre-K tomorrow!  I'm so excited for her - she's doing to love it. I stay busy with my older DC as well. Plus back at school full time for my art ed certification. All good on our end. 


We've finished potty learning, which I attribute partially to my very high tolerance for pee all over the place. ;-)  


What else toddler related...? 


I did PLW for L. when she was about 2 or a bit older. It was a little sad but I was finished and I sensed that L would be fine (she was) and I also sensed that she would develop another type of comfort nursing if we kept at it. 


She eats 'ok' - a big grazer. 


Still sleeps with me. <3 


Does VERY well in the care of others - way better than her sister. 

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Oh, yes, and no nap here either. Not for several months. It's cruel and unusual. ;-)  

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How is Pre-K going, IdentityCrisis? Does Lola like being around other kids her age?


Patti and Blanca, how are the new little ones? I hope things are going well for both households!


Things are going pretty well here, though it's so crazy to think I'll have a 3 year old soon! Wyatt loves playing outside and helping in the garden. I'd love to enroll him in an activity this summer so he could start making some friends. I think we're about to start potty learning, probably this upcoming weekend. Lots of warm weather now! I'm almost done with chemo (should end in June) and getting so excited for when I'll have energy again. I want to spend the whole summer just playing with the kids!


Mandy, how are you doing?

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