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Prenatal Fitness Support!!!

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Hey guys!


I was longingly looking at the 8 week challenge but couldn't join because I'm 10 weeks pregnant and shouldn't exactly be LOSING weight!


Who's up for some accountability through pregnancy while we try to stay active, eat healthy and stay healthy?





Ok, my stuff



30 year old, married mama to 3 kids.  5th pregnancy (we lost a little at 14 weeks 3 years ago)

kids -11 dd, 9 ds, 5 ds


when I was (much) younger, and pregnant for the first time, and in an awful marriage, I put on a ton of weight.  I left him when I was 5 months pregnant with our second and after he was born I lost 70 lbs in a year.  !!!  yay!  I fluctuated some over the years, ranging usually between 125-140.  And I could fairly easily get back to the lower end if I felt I had gained over the holidays, winter, etc.  I even maintained a healthy gain for my third pregnancy and lost it all quickly, etc.


Last year was really stressful.  My husbands best friend (and main employee) died in the spring, there was a lot of issues with my ex, and more.  My health started acting up in the Fall, I really think because of stress.  I scaled back my exercise in favor of resting more, and I upped the carbs in case I needed some more.  But that sort of spiraled into not walking at ALL during the winter.  I gained a lot of weight this winter, and started this pregnancy at 158 lbs.


The first tri has been very sicky. ;-)  I was needing to eat every hour there for a while, and just grabbed whatever sounded good.  I just could n't think about more. I already gained weight by my 6 week visit with the midwife. 166!


I'm starting to feel a little better, schools almost out, and I am trying to get back into eating well, and walking more.


I follow a low carb/traditional foods/primal diet.  I like to walk and practice yoga.  My plan is to begin getting back into it with just 2 walks a week and 2 yoga classes a week.  I'll up it after 2-3 weeks now that I am getting closer to the end of my 1st trimester. 



other stuff-  I'm a yoga teacher, work part time for a caterer, love to cook whole foods, knit, spin, dye, read, preventative medicine, herbalism, nature spirituality and loads of music. <3

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I don't know if you're still checking this thread or not, but I would like to join wave.gif


I just found out yesterday I'm about 6wks along w/ baby #6.  I was on the Weight Loss Challenge thread, but now I won't be losing any more (well, maybe a little during this first trimester).


I'm a 32yr old mama, married w/ 5 other kiddos.  This is our last.  I started running C25K a few weeks ago and would like to keep up w/ it.  I'd also like to run a 5miler w/ DH in October (I'll be about 6.5/ 7 months along).  I'm also trying to do some resistance training 2x/ week, whether it be w/ weights or body weight exercises.


I, too, eat a more primal/ low carb/ traditional foods diet, but this will be my first pregnancy really trying to stick to this way of eating.


So far this pregnancy I'm feeling pretty good, but we'll see what develops.  In all my past pregnancies I've had at least all day nausea with some vomiting.  I'm praying I'll be spared this pregnancy.

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I totally forgot I posted this actually. I'd like to blame it on pregnant brain, but it's just me I think. ;-)


School's out, morning sickies are pretty much over for me, and I'm ready to get back into healthy livin for the summer!


I don't care if it's only me and you for now, let's help each other, k?

I'm impressed you run, I can't stand running.  I keep trying to teach myself to do a little at least because I'd like to be able to run a warrior dash or mud run or something but I just hate running.  maybe next year, I don't see myself working up to running now that I'm pregnant.


I AM however, going to get back into walking.  I  love walking. Current aim is at least 3, 30 minute walks per week.  Which isn't much by my standards, but is approximately 70 minutes more per week than I'm getting right now, lol


I'm also doing a modified Whole 30 challenge for myself right now.  1st tri eating was god awful and I'm getting back in the swing as of today.


I heard the heartbeat last appt, so my fears of loss are slowly diminishing.  I'm weighing about 162 now, and holding steady. I know that a lot of people would freak out if I told them this, but my personal goal is not to gain any weight in the second trimester if I can without restricting calories (ie- I WON'T restrict calories), because I'm heavy right now, and I am pretty confident that with exercise and eating lower carb my body will shed extra naturally, as my belly/baby/fluids expand.  I won't be drastic but that' my goal right now.

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LOL, it's okay mama, I figured you'd forgotten this thread since no one really responded.


I'm totally fine w/ it being just me and you, if that's how it plays out thumb.gif


Don't be impressed by me running, I'm barely doing it.  I skipped this week's runs b/c I was so exhausted at night I couldn't even think of setting foot on the treadmill.  I hate running, lol.gif hide.gif  I'm giving it a go b/c my husband LOVES running and I'd like to run w/ him at some point.  This is me easing into it.


I'm also trying to limit my weight gain these first 2 trimesters.  Before getting pg, my goal weight was 145-150lbs.  I'm currently about 166, although after this weekend I probably put on some weight.  WAY too many carbs grossedout.gif  I feel all bloat-y.  My last 2 pregnancies I've put on about 30lbs and it's taken me over a year to get to pre-pg weight, forget about "goal weight".  I haven't been at "goal weight" on over 5yrs, just before I got pg w/ #3 (who I put on about 50lbs w/ ).


I'm also nursing my 13.5mo and about 75% of her intake is BM, so I need to be mindful of my caloric needs and make sure I'm not restricting.  Thankfully its almost time for the garden to be in full production so lots of fresh veggies will be flowing and being eaten, soon.

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well, we just have a ton in common, don't we?


I walked on Friday, took Kundalini yesterday, and will swim later today, plus do a little yoga. I'm doing my 40 day practice for my teacher training so doing something everyday is part and parcel!


Thankfully the weather isn't too awful yet.  90's is better than 110!

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