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Healthy Habit contest sponsored by Intimina

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Tell us about your favorite healthy habit!
Sponsored by Intimina


Are you looking for something beyond Kegel Exercises? Do you want to strengthen your perineum for your upcoming birth? Or, after your birth? Or just because? Here's something cool that will help. 


Whether you are a new or aspiring mother, motherhood is that incredible process that makes being a woman so special.  Here at Mothering, we also understand that there are some things about motherhood that you may not love so much. 


425x425_72dpi_RGB_moisturizer_with_product.jpgMASTER_productwithbox_425x425_72dpi_RGB 2.jpg



One of Mothering’s sponsors, Intimina, is excited to introduce their new product, Laselle Kegel Exercisers - the easiest and most effective way to help you overcome and prevent pelvic floor disorders.  Available in 3 progressive weights, Laselle offers you the resistance training you need to efficiently gain pelvic strength in a comfortable, discreet and convenient way.  They are giving away a set of Laselle Kegel Exercisers along with a bottle of their ultra-light Feminine Moisturizer to three winners!
Here’s how to enter:
1)      Go to the Intimina Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/Intimina) and “Like” Intimina
2)      Answer this question as a reply to this thread: What is one “healthy habit” you’d like to share with other Mothering.com moms?
Please read the Terms and Conditions here.
Intimina Laselle Kegel Exercisers are available at CVS.com.
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We recently gave up meat in favor of a more plant based way of eating and my health has dramatically improved! Nearly every facet of my health has seen a benefit!

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I liked Intimina on FB! The one healthy habit that I think is most beneficial to implement is getting enough sleep. I cannot even describe the difference it makes in my life when I get a healthy amount of sleep as opposed to when I don't make that a priority. I feel better physically, I feel better mentally and emotionally. I am much more prepared to meet the day happily and joyfully after a good nights sleep. 

This device really intrigues me. This is an area of my life that I would very much like to improve. I have been aware of kegel exercises for some years now, but have always had a very difficult time making them a part of my daily routine. This looks like the perfect solution!

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Staying active and eating lots of raw foods!

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chug water. all day, every day. can't ever get enough! (another part of this healthy habit is that i don't drink juice/pop/milk etc. basiclly just water)

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My healthy habit is replacing chemical cleaners with baking soda and vinegar.  I can clean the whole house without bottles of chemicals by using baking soda, vinegar, and some essential oils.  And I can let me kids help with the cleaning!

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For us, cutting out grains has helped tremendously!  I know this isn't right for everyone, but it has been so helpful for us.  We now have more energy for exercise and are less grumpy with each other.  Big change.  Thank you for the giveaway!  

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Since I began breastfeeding, I've been forced to make a number of changes to my diet that have been helpful for myself and my baby. I was forced to cut out most sugars, dairy, gluten (for the most part), and eggs and nuts. I definitely miss the eggs and nuts the most, but by removing foods that weren't necessarily the most helpful and nourishing to my body, I began introducing more whole and raw foods. My favorite way to make sure I eat plenty of green foods (like kale and spinach) has been to add them to my daily smoothie in the morning. 

Here's the recipe:


The base always consists of:

1/2 C water

1/2 C goat's milk yogurt

Coconut milk to liquify, if necessary

1/2-1 whole banana, depending on how ripe/sweet the banana is

1 C or more of spinach or kale


Fruit suggestions:

4-5 strawberries

1/4 C blueberries

1 peach

1/4 C raspberries


It makes such a huge difference for me to stay nourished in a healthy manner. I really love beginning to day with a smoothie filled with healthy ingredients. The banana covers any spinach flavor that may otherwise be detected, so it's great for picky eaters, too. :)

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We make sure that the kids see us exercising, and if we can we make them a part of it. Showing them how much fun we're having, and that we do it as a matter of course during our days sets a great example for them and provides some wonderful family togetherness for us! Whether we're all doing exercise videos together, jogging w/ them in their jogging strollers, or just getting outside we all end up healthier and happier!
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A healthy habit important to mothering is trying to see things from your baby's point of view. Try to think like a baby to help yourself better understand their needs/wants. Sometimes I found myself getting frustrated with things that my baby would do. Then I started to ask myself questions like "why is he doing that?" "what is he looking for?" "what would I be seeing if I were looking through his eyes right now?" When I took it to his level and tried to understand him, I realized the learning processes that were going on while he was doing the things that frustrated me. Now I'm glad he does some of those things!

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My daily healthy habit that I try to do is give my husband a ten second hug or a five second kiss every day. The ability for human touch to heal and help you feel loved and healthy is amazing! It is easy to forget to do something this simple since family life gets so crazy and busy, but since we have been making an intentional effort, I have really felt a boost! :)

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fanned Intima as Christine M tubbytelly


My healthy tip is to cut out fruit juice, period. It can be as addictive and sugary as soda, which everyone knows is bad for body and teeth. Have water or tea. 

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What is one “healthy habit” you’d like to share with other Mothering.com moms?


Well---lots of fresh fruits and veggies helps a lot at our house.  And we subscribe to a local CSA weekly produce box, and from June through October our house is full of fresh veggies.  Green smoothies are a great healthy habit!

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We used to reach for the crackers or other unhealthy snacks when my children were hungry between meals. We were always cranky and low on energy, we would hit a wall before dinner that maed me want to run for the hills. Now I offer a fruit and protein snack in the morning like apples and fruit dip (cream cheese and a little brown sugar) and a vegetable and protein snack in the afternoon, like celery and peanut butter.  We now feel much better during the day and there are less cranky spells before dinner.

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What makes me feel healthier is spending time outdoors with my family or friends.  We like walking, hiking, swimming, fishing, camping, picnicing, biking and mushroom hunting.  Being in the outdoors lifts my mood and relaxes me.

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I have a 32oz glass of water first thing in the morning. If I eat first thing then most of the day I'm not drinking enough but for some reason if I start the day with liquids I'm more likely to drink enough water during the day.


After the water we make either juice or a smoothie. We have 2-3 smoothies a day and it's our snack replacement for our daughter and a small meal for us. It's also great when having sugar cravings as I'd rather be going for this than cookies etc. Here's our smoothie recipe:


Half water

half Coconut milk

frozen banana

couple chunks of mango



udo's or flax seed oil

hemp protein


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flax seeds & chia seeds are amazing!! 


Family yoga is a great healthy tip!!

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My healthy habit is to avoid late afternoon snacking with a spoonful of natural organic peanut butter!

I dip in a tablespoon and it ties me over until dinner, healthy protein like natural peanut butter is a great energy booster and I swear by it!
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YOGA YOGA YOGA smile.gif I am a prenatal yoga instructor and i love prenatal yoga even when im not pregnant!
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healthy habit” you’d like to share with other Mothering.com moms is drinking TONS of water every day.  I am breastfeeding so it is even more important, but for anyone, drinking water and staying hydrated is extremely important...especially during the upcoming summer months!  

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