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Does anyone know if ovulation can fail due to sudden increase in feeding?  I got a very strong positive OPK yesterday evening and then from about 4am to 9am my DS has been latched on and basically wouldnt let go! So it is the morning of O and this feels like a critical factor.


Its taken night weaning (between 10pm and 6am) and limited day nursing to ovulate at all.  Our threshold is 4 feeds per 24 hours.  This will be my second pp O and I'm fearing that the sudden huge increase in cluster feeding - particularly dring the early hours - can surpress hormones in time to halt the whole ovulation process.  I'm on cd 25 so dont know how much chance I have of getting a BFP anyway with such a long cycle but I'm just so frustrated with myself for not offering an alternative, I just can't say no to his cute little face :/ I'm more frustrated with myself that it was me who disturbed the little dreamer at 4am in the first place by sneezing really loudly in his ear :(


whats everyones thoughts please?  do i still have a chance at O'ing today or might the egg just give up trying to pop and dissolve back in to the ovary (noooooooooo)