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What has made you smile lately?

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Pregnant hormones definitely do intensify emotions, including positive ones. Even little things just make me so happy lately! Examples:


I was sitting on my exercise ball when my dog came running up. He poked my belly with his nose, sniffing and wagging, and then tried to climb up on my lap. Needless to say that didn't work so well and I ended up on the floor with an ecstatically wagging golden retriever on top of me. He's so affectionate, always wanting to cuddle with his mama.


Went for a walk and saw a robin attacking a squirrel that apparently was too close to its nest. Was just the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time, I laughed aloud for a good half block of walking.


Opened my computer to read the news this morning, and found a little love note from DH inside. This actually brought tears to my eyes, it made me so happy. And I'm still smiling over an hour later. I have such a wonderful husband!


Just wanted to share a little happiness this morning. What has gone on lately that has made you happy ladies? :)

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Everyone in our family wants mama. It crazy, it's like a subconscious ticker is going through the house. "ATTENTION... familial transition immanent " "ATTENTION"....it was irritating until I noticed it. Now I feel more like the benevolent sun, or a playful summer stream everyone wants to be near. A thought that keeps me smiling often.

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Nothing, even happy stuff makes me cry lol

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DS took my face in both his hands yesterday and proclaimed, "Mama.  I weewee weewee wuv you!"  Heart melt.  It's the first time he's told me he loved me, and there was so much enthusiasm behind it... It just carried me through the rest of the day. 

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DS said yesterday (a revelation to him) "I'm not sleeping in your bed anymore, mama!" to which I replied, "That's right, and I miss you not sleeping in my bed." DS replied "I miss you, too, mama" and then we agreed together how nice it was to be in his sister's bed and cuddle with her. :)


DS is very affectionate and sweet and I'm just eating it up this week.

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