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Hi, everyone -

We aren't trying to get pregnant at the moment.  We were using condoms this month.  I had really intense dreams for the last couple of weeks that I was pregnant.  My breasts have been achey and I have had a few other signs that I remember from early early pregnancy before.


I haven't been charting or using OPKs or anything, and I can't even remember when my last period was.  But I ordered some tests from babyhopes - the 10 miu kind.  I started testing last week.  I've gotten nothing but BFNs.  Then today, I've taken three tests in a row that all have had a line!  Only problem, it showed up after 10 minutes.


Could this be the start of a BFP? It seems too crazy to be true. We tried for over a year before I got pregnant with our first.


I would normally just think "evap" -  but the fact that I've had three tests in a row that have the same line show up makes me really wonder.  These are all from the same lot/bag that the tests I've been using this past week were from.


I wouldn't even be testing if it weren't for my super intense dreams.  And I'm not usually one to read much into dreams, but these were so so so real.


Thanks for any feedback on my craziness.