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Second round of mastitis :(

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Same plugged duct (right breast, top). We introduced bottles ths week. One ounce on Wednesday, and I nursed right after, same Thursday. Breasts started to feelsore wednesday. I was away taking a test for three hours this morning and he took 6 oz with his gmas.

Why?? Could three bottles do this? I'm taking lethicin and nursing him with his chin pointed at the plug (which is red), and started hot compresses before, cold after nursing. MW is calling in abx which I'll take if my fever doesn't go down by 7.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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REST as much as possible. Also something to try is getting on your hands and knees and b/fing. I hope that you feel better soon.

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I found homeopathy extremely helpful in kicking recurring mastitis... for me, the remedy that worked was belladonna (I had a crazy fever, which this chart doesn't mention but is typical). That was with #3, having had it with the first two as well. After I took it, I never really had mastitis again, certainly not bad and recurring like it was.

Hope that helps.

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i had reoccuring mastitis w DS. it is awful. maybe it was doing a lot? for me, it was related to 1- the early weeks/months  2- growth spurts with inc nursing 3- doing a lot stress/activity wise and it didnt take much 4- wearing him in any carrier that limited my range of motion in my arm or pressed him up against me. i didnt pump bc i didnt need to but make sure te flange fits just right, mastitis always came on super fast for me and took a while to resolve.  water, rest, and nursing were what helped the most for me. hope you get relief soon!

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Oh no! I managed to get rid of my second bout with Belladona, lots of Vit D, lots of Vit C & rest. Hope you kick it quickly!
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Subscribing...I have a plugged duct, hoping it doesn't lead to mastitis.  Thanks for the info!

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I massaged the plug (painfully) and instead of freeing it seemed to have spread the inflammation across the whole top of my breast. I am resigned to the antibiotics...the boob pain is just too much. It's so sad when I can't hold my baby the way he wants due to pain.

What I can't figure out is why this happened. Did I not empty my breasts well enough? Can it just be from stress and over studying?
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Stress and lack of sleep can definitely be contributing factors...

Are you pumping? The few times I tried to pump resulted in mastitis. I can't handle any pressure, especially when I'm full; when nursing in bed, I have to roll all the way over with baby to the second one, rather than just shifting onto my belly and the first one.

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Stress and over studying can definately be the cause. WHen I had DS2 he was 3 weeks old and I was bringing DH home from the hospital after major surgery. The day that DH was released I broken out in a full blown case of Mastitis. It was horrendous. I'm pretty sure the constant travel to the hospital over the previous 4 days, the stress over his surgery, and lack of sleep all contributed to it.


Now with DD2 this time when she was a bit over a week old I woke up with 5 red hot spots on my right side. The only thing that I can think of is one time I didn 't have nursing pads in and I pressed on my nip when I had let down so I wouldn't leak. Luckily I was able to work out the plugs before I got sick.


I hope that you feel better soon.

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Plug is not going away this time, which makes my MWs suspicous that it is an abscess. I'm going to a breast specialist a(ka surgeon) tomorrow. I'm desperately emailing all the moms groups and LLL leaders asking for a recommendation or some info on breast surgeons, because I hate going in having no clue whether this doc will be knowledgable about breastfeeding or supportive. :(

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So sorry that you have to go through this Rosie!

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After furiously spamming the local moms listservs I heard from a mom who's had the same problem and it was resolved by the doc I'm seeing tomorrow. Made me much more comfortable.

Okay, time for TMI gross-out!

I pumped to see if I could drain the plug better than Odin. The milk was pouring out (I don't think Odin could latch well to my hardened breast). But also, PUS! Disgusting. I was a bit freaked out that I was feeding my baby pus. But it seems that continuing nursing is the right thing to do. But that definitely confirmed the abscess.

Let's hope it's the kind they can do outpatient, I really dont want to spend more time in the hospital.
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rosie i am sorry, that is tough.  I had to have a core biopsy done because there was a lump that was not there before I got pg. it was right where DS's corner of his mouth was tightest when he nursed and I kept saying that was probably it.  long story short, they wanted to be sure it was ok so I got a biopsy that showed that it was just milk and blood from damage to the breast.  Here is my two cents- make absolutely sure that whoever you see not only specializes in breasts but specializes in lactating breasts.  This is huge bc lactating breasts can look different on an ultrasound and feel different etc.  Also, if you have to have a procedure done, research the half life of whatever anesthetic they use.  I pushed the doctor on what the half life was and while they told me I couldn't nurse on that side for 24 hours, the half life of what they used was something like 30 min to 2 hrs.  the doctor couldn't explain the 24 hr limit.  I did a lot of searching in the breastfeeding forum ( a wealth of knowledge) and it was definitely ok for me to nurse sooner, DS nursed on that side within 6-8 hrs of the procedure no problem.  Feel free to search my posts, I think it was somewhere in march of 2010, or pm me or ask a question here, whatever :)  also, if you have to get a biopsy, push for an ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration to get an idea of what it is before you do a core needle biopsy.  


Sounds like you have already figured out it is an abcess though and I don't know how they treat it other than draining it.  Are you sure the pus isn't just older thicker milk that has gotten stuck in there? that can get as thick as cheesy looking stringy stuff, crazy.  I freaked out bc my baby got some bloody milk from me for a while after the biopsy but, best for him to get mamas milk and not such a big deal :)  keep us posted about how it goes!

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Thanks flavorful, I'll look for your posts. It is definitely pus; it is greenish yellow and viscous and sticky. After a while of pumping it stopped coming out or got less viscous. The redness reduced a lot after pumping, actually, but the hard mass is still there. :-/

An LC called back and had a specific recommendation for a surgeon. I'm going to try hard to see her instead of the doc I have an appt with, but either way I'm seeing someone tomorrow. They definitely both have experience with this issue but the second may have more breastfeeding knowledge. Plus she breastfed her own babies. Fingers crossed that I can get an appt with her.

I have had two LCs tell me to nurse and not to nurse on the pus boob, and varying advice on the net. I wish I could find research on it. What's the techical term for pus?
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It was definitely an abscess, and I had it incised with a local + sleepy (but not general) anesthetic. The doc drained it all and washed it out a lot I guess. 

I have to basically let my affected breast dry up...I'm allowed to pump "only for comfort" until the drain comes out. So so so not happy about that. Meanwhile the unaffected breast needs to pull double duty. My very very good friend is sending up breastmilk for me, so I may not have to supplement. 

No fun at all. It's been a long day and I can't fall asleep. tomorrow is another day. A better day!
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wow Rosie, I'm so sorry you've dealt with all this!  I hope you're feeling better soon!  If I were closer, or if you know how to fedex breastmilk, i would be happy to share my stock ;)


keep us updated on your progress

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Thinking of you Rosie.

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Thanks all. First night was okay, he did fine on the one breast since he doesn't eat that much st night anyway. But, surprise surprise, my plugged duct is back! Going back in to see the doc
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I hope not to have to use it, but a very dear friend of a very dear friend is bringing me some milk. smile.gif
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Aww I was hoping it would be easier for you :(  hope you get some relief and healing soon and yay for your friend!

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