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Well, my breast seems to be recovering well. We used some donor milk but only a couple ounces in the evenings. Now that I'm over 72hrs into the antibiotics and looking better we are feeding the pumped milk from my affected side. My good boob is a trooper, almost sustaining him 24/7.

I'm guessing it will be an uphill battle trying to get the bad boob's supply back up, but that's for tomorrow.

PSA: don't ever let a plug go untended!
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great news rosie!

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You are doing great Rosie. I hope things keep looking up for you. 

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Here's an update:

I went to the doc for my one week follow up and to have my drain removed. She said my breast looked great and the bacteria was not MRSA (apparently there is a high correlation between MRSA and abscesses), but that she couldn't take the drain out yet. Apparently she want me to be draining much less fluid than I am into the drain before removing it.

I had no idea that this was a criteria for removing the drain. If I had, I would have been more strict about limiting my pumping. She really wants me to dry up ths breast. :-/

There is precious little on the blogonet or pubmed on the removal of drains after an incision and drainage. This is really frustrating. I know of at least one person (friend of a friend) who nursed with the drain in...but she can't remember her volume output. Arg!
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So, the drain is out (yay!), and the hole seems to be healing up nicely. THey left it open to heal from the inside out, and that left me dripping out the side of my boob for three days, but that seems to have slowed enough to be caught by a light bandage. 


We're nursing on the right side again, tentatively. And it hurts. And it looks like my nipple is starting to damage again. He latches with NO problem and no issues on my left boob, even through two weeks of exclusive feeding on the left. But we just seem to have problems with the right. :*(

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All three of my babies have nursed better on 1 side then the other. Happy hear you are doing OK.

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My kids use the left to nurse to sleep and the right is the really hungry buckle down and eat side. So glad things are better rosie but sorry it is still hard. Can you latch at the same angle on the right as the left? Like just move him over in the same position? Sorry it still hurts, you are doing so well and working so hard!
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Thanks. I think I'm going to rest my nipple again for a while. Pump, and then see how it goes in another few days. I can see the fissures forming...I don't want to let them open.
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